Community Service

Community Service Form

Community service is an important component and expectation of the educational experience at BridgeValley. Students are required to complete and document a minimum of 15 hours of community service prior to earning an associate degree. Hours should be submitted within the semester in which they were completed. Hours earned during the Summer should be submitted by the end of the first week of the Fall semester.

Community service is defined as “Action taken to meet the needs of others and to better the community as a whole” (Campus Compact, 1998). To qualify as a service, the student may not be paid or compensated in any way, nor may the student use any activity required within a course or program of study. The activity must be sponsored by the college, an agency, or an organization.

  • School Organized Opportunities (e.g. tutoring at the Student Success Center and participating in college-sponsored events such as Alternative Spring Break, American Red Cross blood drives, Family Fun Night, LEGOS Competition, MLK Jr. Day of Service, and Pumpkin Drop)

  • Non-School Organized Opportunities (e.g. volunteering at hospitals, animal shelters, childcare facilities, or other educational or non-profit agencies)



The following process will be utilized for the approval and posting of community service:

  • Students must seek pre-approval for any non-school organized community service activities and obtain the community service form from the Director of Student Life
  • Submit completed documentation to the Director of Student Life for approval (the Director of Student Life will retain the completed documentation until 5-clock-hours have been approved)

Community service will be recorded on academic transcripts as follows:

     CMTY 001 Community Service I
     CMTY 002 Community Service II
     CMTY 003 Community Service III

Each community service course equates to 5-clock-hours of completed community service. Students must have all three (CMTY 001, CMTY 002, and CMTY 003) to satisfy the community service requirement for an associate's degree.

For questions regarding community service, please contact:

Jeanne Smith, Director of Student Life

James McDougle, Dean of Students