Welcome alumni! You are vital members of the BridgeValley community, and we hope that you will keep in touch with your alma mater and your classmates.

For more than fifty years, and under an assortment of names, BridgeValley has offered residents of the entire Kanawha Valley the opportunity for a quality technical education. Graduates have been provided the necessary skills to compete for high-paying careers, while business and industry in the region have benefitted from the pool of well-trained workers that has allowed them to prosper.

There are numerous volunteer opportunities for our alumni to mentor students, or be an ambassador for the college.  If you would like to help recruit students, provide an internship for a current student, or network for career opportunities, please consider joining the BridgeValley Alumni Association. We would love to hear about your successes, so please keep in touch!

Please consider registering with the BridgeValley Alumni Association to get notifications about upcoming alumni activities, career fairs, and campus events. It only takes a few minutes to register. We welcome graduates from all of the colleges that make up BridgeValley's history to network and reconnect with classmates and friends.

Remember, it doesn’t require big things to make a difference…only caring enough to do the small things.