Begin At the Bridge

Our business, industry, and community partners will see greater coordination of workforce training initiatives.  With the expanded service regions and the combination of two dynamic workforce divisions, continuing education and customized training opportunities will increase, industry advisory groups will be expanded for academic and workforce initiatives, and open enrollment community education will be enhanced at both campuses.

This academic year has been dubbed the “Year of Strength.”  As we combine two vital community and technical colleges in the region, we will create a stronger, more comprehensive college to serve an expanded region.

Working together, the students, employees, and communities served will build BridgeValley as a student-centered, solution-focused institution that focuses on student success, institutional success, and community and industry success.  BridgeValley graduates will become tomorrow’s leaders for our state and nation.   Please explore our site to learn more about the opportunities BridgeValley has to offer our community.   Here are a few links to start your journey, and please contact any of our faculty, staff, or students with any questions.