Business and Legal Studies

Some of the fastest growing careers today are in business.

The US department of Labor and industry predicts significant growth and high demand, through at least 2018, for professionals in fields of Accounting, Business, Paralegal, and Criminal Justice.  Graduates of our Business and Legal Studies programs are making the most of the opportunities ahead, with a significant number of our degrees transferring to a four-year institution within our service region.

BridgeValley offers exciting Associate and Certificate Degrees in Applied Science in business and legal fields that will help our graduates secure positions in a competitive workforce. Our students have earned top honors at the state and national level for the business experience they gained at BridgeValley.

Our Business and Legal Studies programs are guided by an advisory board of local business leaders.  They become partners who share the lessons of success and real-world experience to help us make sure our programs provide the highest quality education and meet the needs of today’s business environment.

Becoming a part of the Business and Legal Studies Division will allow you to take your education to the next level with dynamic classroom experiences, simulations, and internships. Students can also take advantage of BridgeValley’s flexible scheduling and low tuition.  Through our 2+2 transfer track you can apply your credit from BridgeValley to earn a baccalaureate degree through our partnerships with four-year colleges and universities. 

Be the next big thing in business. Begin at the Bridge!



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