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Emergency Medical Services - Paramedic

Associate in Science Certificate in Science Emergency Medical Services Technology will be able to function in the world of pre-hospital medicine as an entry level paramedic. The subjects in this course range from report writing to advanced emergency vehicle operations and all points in between. Students are taught all aspects of pre-hospital care including: advanced airway adjuncts and management, emergency cardiology, traumatic life support, newborn and pediatric advanced life support, and many other skills.

Programs Goals and Objectives

  • Recognize, assess, reassess, modify, and safely manage the scene of a medical emergency incident as a certified paramedic team leader.
  • Provide clinically competent pre-hospital care to the ill or injured to patients across the lifespan by utilizing critical thinking and problem-solving abilities according to established regional or state guidelines.
  • Master skills and concepts essential to the operation of EMS systems and other agencies.
  • Document and communicate effectively the appropriate relevant information to the receiving facility.
  • Demonstrate empathy for values and perspectives of diverse cultures and the desire to serve as a patient advocate.
  • Demonstrate personal behavior consistent with professional and employer expectations for the EMS Technician.


Brittany McClure, MSN, APRN, FNP-C
Assistant Professor/ Paramedic-RN Liaison
2001 Union Carbide Drive
South Charleston, WV 25303
Phone: 304.205.6642