Graphic Design and Print Communications

Graphic design and print communication are vital parts of every consumer’s life. With sales of $83 billion last year, the industry is vibrant and offers increased employment opportunities.

The major challenge facing the industry in the next 10 years is neither technology or marketing, but finding trained and qualified people. The associate of science degree in Digital Design and Print Communication is designed to provide quality technical education to prepare technicians for the rapidly changing graphic arts and digital design industries. 


First Semester
DSGN 111 Introduction to Graphic Communications 3
DSGN 112 Ink and Substrates 3
DSGN 113 Introduction to Graphic Design 1
DSGN 114 Text and Type 1
DSGN 118 Adobe Photoshop 3
ENGL 101 English Composition I (GEC-1) 3
GNST 102 Freshman Seminar 1
  Semester Total 15
Second Semester
MATH 110 Applied Technical Math (GEC-2) 3
DSGN 135 Flexography 1 3
DSGN 134 Adobe Illustrator 3
DSGN 120 Adobe InDesign 3
DSGN 125 Digital Photography 1
DSGN 128 Adobe Dreamweaver 1
  Semester Total 14
Third Semester
DSGN 218 Adobe Creative Suite Projects 3
DSGN 235 Flexography II 3
ENGL102 English Composition II (GEC-1) 3
  Lab Science Elective (GEC-2) 4
  GEC-3 Elective 3
  Semester Total 16
Fourth Semester  
DSGN 232 Packaging Design 3
MGMT 202 Principles of Management 3
  Restricted Electives* 6
  GEC-4 Elective 3
  Semester Total 15
*Restricted electives can be DSGN 299, any GAME or any CSCT or program coordinator approved course(s)