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Introduction to Distillation for Chemical Operators

Principles of stage separation, batch and continuous operation, including related heat exchangers, pumps, and controls. 

Behavior of tower under normal conditions; conditions that affect product purity; startup and shutdown; common abnormal conditions. Troubleshooting will be illustrated, beginning with an alarm, discussing what might have caused that alarm, and what responses might bring the tower back into normal operation. Students will operate our glass 7-tray still, adjust the reflux ratio and reboiler heat input, observe pressure difference during flooding and other abnormal conditions, and determine whether observed temperatures are within control limits. 

After students tie observations with principles and process variables, Simtronics® simulation software will be used to show the screens normally seen in the control room, such as process flow diagrams and control charts.  Students will set the pumps and valves to simulate normal operation, then simulate faults such as heater or pump failure, and observe the effect on control charts.  Finally, students will be given abnormal conditions and challenged to determine and correct the hidden faults.

Day:  Friday  
Times: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM  
Dates: March 18th       

Cost: $400

For more information regarding the class, please call  Bill Kroesser at 304-205-6744 or email.

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