New Student Registration Days!

Welcome to BridgeValley!

It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in our New Student Registration Days!   ​Registration Days are days for students to sign up to meet with an advisor and register for their classes for both 2017 Summer and Fall semesters.  Please be sure that you have completed the ACT, SAT, Compass, or Accuplacer exam and completedthe Student Online Orientation before you attend a New Student Registration Day.   Student Online Orientation may be accessed through the myBridge account.  Your Bnumber would have be included on the bottom of your BridgeValley acceptance letter, if you need to request your Bnumber you can do so by contacting Student Services at 304.205.6700.  

We encourage you to ask questions, actively participate, find new friends and learn what steps can help you be a successful member of the BridgeValley community.  You have made a wonderful choice to attend BridgeValley, and are on your way to an exciting academic opportunity and personal growth.  We look forward to meeting you!  

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