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Paralegal Studies

Welcome to the BridgeValley Community and Technical College Paralegal Studies program!

Paralegals are people who work in the legal profession.  While many paralegals work for lawyers, there are a number of other occupations for paralegals.  The BridgeValley Paralegal Studies program has been designed by a lawyer who is a member of the West Virginia State Bar and who is admitted to practice law in multiple state and federal jurisdictions.  

Graduates of the BridgeValley Paralegal Studies program can, upon successful completion of the program and the Paralegal Core Competency Examination, become Registered Paralegals through the National Federation of Paralegal Associations.  Upon their graduation from BridgeValley, BridgeValley Paralegal graduates can complete two additional years of study to obtain a baccalaureate degree at a partnering institution through a 2+2 agreement. 

Paralegals organize and manage work flow in law office settings, draft legal documents, research and draft legal memoranda, and file documents with the appropriate court. They conduct background checks, interview clients, and pursue factual investigations for employers. Paralegals may prepare witnesses for depositions, develop materials for trial, organize client files, and assist with title searches. Paralegals may serve as employer liaisons to business, the police, other attorneys, government officials and the courts. Paralegals cannot accept a case, set fees, give legal advice or represent a client in court.

BridgeValley's Paralegal Studies program is very affordable and it takes 60 credit hours to complete. There are numerous financial aid opportunities available to assist students who wish to attend BridgeValley. 

Classes are offered at BridgeValley during the fall semester, the spring semester, and two summer terms. 


First Semester
BUSN 201 Business Law  3
PRLS 100 Introduction to the Paralegal Profession* 2
PRLS 101 Civil Litigation I 3
ATEC 115 Fundamentals of Business Computer Apps 3
ENGL 101 English Composition I 3
GNST 102 First Year Experience 1
  Semester Total 15
Second Semester
PRLS 200 Business Law II 3
MATH 113 Mathematical Reasoning 3
PRLS 202 Property, Wills and Estates* 4
PRLS 203 Criminal Law* 3
ENGL 102 English Composition II 3
  Semester Total 16
Third Semester
PRLS 204 Civil Litigation II* 3
PRLS 205 Legal Research and Writing I* 3
ENGL 107 English Grammer Review 3
COMM 100 Oral Communications 3
BIOL 101
MTGY 100
CHEM 100
General Biology OR
Weather and Climate  OR
Consumer Chemistry
  Semester Total 15
Fourth Semester    
PRLS 206 Legal Research and Writing II* 3
PRLS 296 PCCE Review Course* 1
PRLS 294 Paralegal Studies Internship 2
PRLS 298 Paralegal Studies Seminar 1
ACCT 185 Survey of Accounting 3
ECON 202 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
  Semester Total 13
* Denotes courses only offered on the South Charleston, WV campus.  


Curriculum Grid

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Lisa Moye, Esquire, JD
Program Coordinator
Paralegal Studies
2001 Union Carbide Drive
South Charleston, WV 25303