Welcome to Student Development | BridgeValley



Welcome to Student Development

What is Student Development?

Student Development is housed in the Division of Student Services. It is comprised of a wide-ranging array of programs and services dedicated to assist with the success of BridgeValley Students.

Our services include:


  • BridgeValley has a full-time counselor serving both campuses.
    • Carla Blankenbuehler, Assistant Dean, 304.205.6706, room 032J Building 2000
    • Walk in or appointment services
    • Provide information and referral to services in the community
    • Counselors can assist students with day to day life situations


  • BridgeValley is in full compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and          
  • the American with Disabilities Act signed into law in 1990.
  • BridgeValley has a full time Accessibility Coordinator serving both campuses
  • Spencer Poling, Accessibility Coordinator, 304.205.6725, 032G Building 2000
  • Most common accommodations include
    • Extended test time
    • Note Takers
    • Recording of Class lectures
    • Priority Seating
    • Waiver of attendance policy
    • Test in private
    • Test reader/writer
    • Interpreter
    • Use of laptop
    • Temporary accommodations
    • Auxiliary Aids       


BridgeValley Career Services provides our students and alumni with guidance, resources, and opportunities to help them achieve their personal career goals through academic achievement. The services we provide are:

  • Workshops on the latest career tools
  • Resume Writing and Assistance
  • Cover Letter Assistance
  • Job Searches
  • Career/Job Fairs
  • Interview Skills and Tips
  • College Central Network
  • Career Coach

Contact: CareerServices@bridgevalley.edu