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Welding Technology

The associate of applied science degree in Welding Technology is a two year program that prepares graduates to enter the field of welding. A graduate with this degree should have a strong foundation in welding and be able to advance to the upper pay level grades at a much higher pace than those untrained. 

The program prepares the graduate in the selection of the right equipment; selection of filler metals; pre, intermediate and post heat treatment of welded metals; and proper weld techniques. The program stresses industry-wide safety procedures and trains the student to read weld symbols and detail drawings. The student is presented with a general knowledge of many fields in welding thus allowing them to choose an area(s) to specialize in if they desire to do so.

Lastly, the Welding Technology program provides the student with a solid foundation which will enable them to enter into areas of the construction, engineering, manufacturing, heavy equipment repair, and plant maintenance and/or weld engineering if they should decide to continue their education.


First Semester    
MATH 115 Applied Technical Math (GEC 2) 3
WLDT 111 Basic Oxyfuel Plasma And Carbon Arc Cutting and Gouging 3
WLDT 121 Basic SMAW 3
WLDT 131 Basic GMAW 3
WLDT 161 Weld Symbols & Detail Drawings 3
  Semester Total 15
Second Semester  
ENGL 101 English Composition I (GEC 1) 3
WLDT 223 Advanced SMAW                    Preq: WLDT 121 3
WLDT 133 Advanced GMAW                   Preq: WLDT 131 3
WLDT 141 Basic GTAW 3
WLDT 151 Basic FCAW 3
  Semester Total 15.0
Third Semester    
GNST 104
IPR: Interviewing Strategies OR
Professional Development
BDAC 101
MACH 121
Drafting I
Fundamentals of Design
Blueprint Reading
GNET 107 Intro to Computer App for Technicians (GEC 4) 3
MEET 121 Manufacturing Processes I 3
WLDT 225 Code SMAW                               Preq: WLDT 223 3
WLDT 235 Code GMAW                              Preq: WLDT 133 3
  Semester Total 15
Fourth Semester  
WLDT 227 Code API 1104 Pipe 3
WLDT 237 Code GMAW Pipe                 Preq: WLDT 131 3
WLDT 265 Metallurgy 3
WLDT 271 Fabrication (GEC 4)               Preq: WLDT 133 OR 233 3
BUSN 230 Business Communication and Ethics (GEC 3) 3
  Semester Total 15
Program Electives must be approved by your academic advisor and can be shosen from the list below.
Technical Electives  
DESL Any DESL course  
DRFT Any DRFT course  
ECET Any ECET course  
MEET Any MEET Course  
WLDT Any WLDT Course  
WLDT 293 Internship