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Workforce & Economic Development

Workforce Division's Corporate College

Continuing Education

Continuing Education is sometimes referred to as professional development and is intended for workers who are already employed and have a continuing need to enhance their job skills and improve their corporatation's performance. Continuing Education often results in certificates, licenses, or continuing education units (CEUs). Examples of Continuing Education classes at BridgeValley are Lean Six Sigma, SHRM Learning System, OSHA 10, OSHA 30, Distillation Column course, 3D Modeling courses, ect.

Workforce Education

Workforce education can lead to associate degrees, certificate programs, or short-term programs and courses that prepare students for entry-level jobs. Workforce education at BridgeValley is geared toward short-term and non-credit programs that usually result in certification. Some programs are approved for academic credit. Examples of Workforce Education non-credit and short-term programs at BridgeValley include Real Estate Salesperson Pre-Licensure, Pipefitting, Pharmacy Technician, Certified Production Technician, Phlebotomy Technician, etc.   

Personal Enrichment

Personal enrichment courses at BridgeValley consist of workshops and other activities that allow members of the community to persue interests with others. Examples of BridgeValley personal enrichment courses would be Back To Work 50+ coaching workshops, computer literacy classes, Financial 50+, art classes, music classes, Road Scholar and other travel adventures, etc.

In Workforce and Economic Development, we excel by doing the following:

  • Designing Customized credit and non-credit programs
  • Utilizing training grants for both businesses and qualifying individuals
  • Scheduling classes at various times and locations
  • Implementing hands-on training and practical experience
  • Increasing innovation and use of technology
  • Documenting achievement of professional certification standards  

We specialize in the following:

  • Build skills and abilities of the workforce in our programs
  • Help businesses increase profits and productivity through employee  skills enhancement
  • Increase the marketable job skills of individuals
  • Improve earning capacity of the region’s workforce
  • Provide new opportunities to enhance the quality of life and improve the  overall standards of living for citizens in our communities