WV Bridge Design Contest


BridgeValley Community & Technical College, the WV Department of Transportation Division of Highways, the Nick J. Rahall Appalachian Transportation Institute, and BridgeWalk present to you this exciting opportunity to engage in a hands-on, teambuilding, problem-solving experience. The Engineering Encounters Bridge Design Contest is an exhilarating way for you to apply your math and science skills, learn about the engineering design process, to be introduced to new technology, develop communication skills, and have fun all at the same time!

The National Contest has typically drawn over 15,000 teams and awards large cash scholarships and laptop computers to the top teams in the nation. Once again, a WV Bridge Design Contest will take place throughout the state and recognize the top WV High School designs and the top WV Middle School designs entered in the 2015 Engineering Encounters Bridge Design Contest. Last year approximately 300 teams entered from WV and over $7500 in cash and prizes were awarded. In May, these top WV teams will converge in the city of South Charleston, WV at the new Advanced Technology Center located on the campus of BridgeValley CTC for what is sure to be an exciting 2015 WV Bridge Design Contest. We have established minimum prize levels for both the high school and middle school participants of the Statewide Contest and they are listed in the Teacher/Volunteer Information Packet on this website. 


  • U.S. students grades 6-12 are eligible for prizes.


  • An Internet-based bridge design competition that is nationally put on Engineering Encounters.
  • The purpose of this Internet-based competition is to provide middle school and high school students with a realistic, engaging introduction to engineering.


  • Software is available for download on January 13
  • WV Statewide Qualifying Round ends on March 31
  • National Qualifying ends on April 24
  • National Semi-Final Round is on May 15
  • WV Statewide Contest May 16
  • National Final Round is on July 10-12

WV Statewide Competition Prizes

  • Each first place team member will receive $400
  • Each second place team member will receive $300
  • Each third place team member will receive $200
  • All other qualifying team members will receive $100

National Competition Prizes

  • Each member of the first place team will receive a $10,000 scholarship
  • Each member of the second place team will receive a $5,000 scholarship



Contact the WV Bridge Contest Coordinator