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Credit for Prior Learning


Check out for more information on “Credit for Prior Learning” and complete the “Life Experience Inventory” (LEI) to get a head start on the possibility of earning credit for knowledge gained through experience.  BridgeValley Community and Technical College provides students with the opportunity to earn credit through non-traditional avenues.  Often called “Credit for Prior Learning”, this term is used to describe learning outside of the traditional educational environment. 

Learning that is acquired while living and working, such as serving in the military, independent studies, volunteering and community service, work-specific training, industry certifications and licensures, may be equivalent to college level learning.  Students can demonstrate their college-level knowledge in the form of an experiential portfolio, Institutional challenge exams and standardized testing such as CLEP (College Level Examination Program).  Using the opportunity to obtain “Credit for Prior Learning”, a student could possibly shorten the requirements for their chosen degree. 

Students interested in “Credit for Prior Learning” are encouraged to talk with the Program Chair or Dean in the area of study they would like to pursue, or our Veterans Coordinator, to discuss this opportunity.  Also, you can contact Judy Whipkey at [email protected] or 304-205-6685 (South Charleston Campus) or Kathy Leftwich [email protected] or 304-734-6639 (Montgomery Campus) for more information on the process of turning your work/life knowledge into college credit.