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BridgeValley Online Schedule

How can I tell if a class is online or not?

Section codes for class scheduling will be a three-digit alphanumeric code.  The first character(s) will be letter(s) indicating the type of class (web, blended, or lab) and/or campus where the course is scheduled. The next character(s) will be numbers used to indicate the section number. 

  • At BridgeValley a Web course is defined as 100% online with no face-to-face meetings. You cannot be required to come to campus; however you will be required to complete proctored assignments. The course will be taught asynchronously. Web courses will be identified on the schedule with a W before the section number of the course (1234 EGL 101-W1).
  • A Blended course is defined as 51-99% online with up to 50% of the time in a traditional classroom. The class can be taught either synchronously or asynchronously.   Blended courses will be identified in the schedule with a B and a campus location before the section number (1234 ENGL 101-BM1; 1234 ENGL 102-BD1).
  • Anything less than 51% online is considered Traditional. A traditional class meets face to face. Faculty may use their online course shells in which they place handouts, testing, and other course activities. The primary delivery method will be in the traditional face-to-face classroom.  Traditional courses will be listed in the schedule with the campus code plus the numeric section numbers (1234 ENGL 101-M01; 1234 ENGL 102-D01).