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Tips for Success

  1. Familiarize yourself with the course’s online delivery system. Find the course syllabus, schedule, calendar, requirements, methods of communication, where you go for help, etc.
  2. Participate! Whether you are working alone, or in a group, contribute your ideas, perspective, and comments on the subject you are studying, and read about those of your classmates.
  3. Log on to your course every single day (at least 5-6 days/week). You are expected to give to and take at least as much from an online class as you would from a traditional face-to-face class.
  4. Be polite and respectful. Being polite and respectful is not only common sense, it is absolutely obligatory for a productive and supportive online environment.  And your own work will have greater value as well.
  5. Speak up if you are having problems. Be absolutely explicit with your comments and requests. If you are having technical difficulties or problems understanding something about the course, you MUST speak up. This is the only way anyone will know that something is wrong.

Test Taking Tips

All tests at BridgeValley, including those taken online, must be taken in the presence of an instructor or a proctor.  Be sure to check the syllabus when starting your class.  If you are near a BridgeValley campus, you can have your test proctored on campus.  If you are not close enough to come to a BridgeValley facility, it is your responsibility to secure an off-campus proctor. A link to the BridgeValley Proctor Policy can be found here.