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ACT and SAT Test Prep Review

ACT and SAT Test Prep

Want to get into college? You’ll need to stand out by acing the ACT or SAT. If you’re not quite there yet, BVCTC’s test prep courses can get you ready!

The ACT and SAT Prep review classes are designed to help high school students enhance their knowledge in the major subject areas for each exam, become familiar with the structure of each test, and master test taking strategies. These fast-paced, four-week courses are taught by subject area, and includes numerous practice tests. Students are responsible for individual exam registration.

Class work can help you prepare to take the ACT and SAT test, but additional practice can help you do your best. The sample questions and practice tests that you will receive are taken from previous ACT and SAT tests to create familiarity with the format and avoid surprises on test day. As you see your scores improve on the practice tests, your confidence will also improve; the experience will help you avoid surprises on test day.


  • Learn from experience, credentialed instructors; our instructors are certified teachers or subject experts in their fields; many have been teaching the test prep classes for over five years.  They are familiar with the exams, question structures for each subject area, and test-taking strategies.
  • Access one-on-one help to improve your comprehension and learn how to apply your enhanced knowledge
  • Network, share experiences, and discuss topics with classmates and instructors


  • ACT subject areas:

    • Reading Comprehension
    • English Skills
    • Science
    • Mathematics
  • SAT subject areas:

    • English
    • History
    • Mathematics
    • Science


The ACT and SAT test prep classes are designed as a review of the subject areas for each exam—they are not designed to introduce students to the subject content for the first time.  Students are expected to have completed courses at the high school level for each subject area prior to enrolling in the ACT and SAT test prep classes.


  • $200 (includes test prep book that reviews each of the subject areas on the respective test, over 1,400 drills, tips and strategies for taking a standardized exam, memorization sheets, worksheets, and retired ACT tests to further help them in mastering the material)


ACT test prep:

  • Location:
    • 100% online
  • Dates & times:
    • TBA for April 2022 Testing Date
    • Tuesdays and Thursdays
    • 5:30 - 8:30pm
  • Delivery format:
    • TBA
  • Registration Fee:
    • ​$200

SAT test prep

  • SAT test prep classes are not being offered at this time



  • Call: 304.205.6650