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Advanced Manufacturing Technology: Automotive

The Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AAS-AMFT) degree program provides a highly interactive hands-on course of study that prepares graduates for careers in the modern manufacturing environment. Advanced manufacturing technology graduates repair, troubleshoot and maintain manufacturing equipment including automated control systems, process control systems, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, conveyors, robots, and application-specific machinery. Graduates have a broad multi-disciplinary background in electrical, mechanical, fluid power, automation, instrumentation and process control systems, as well as basic fabrication skills in order to facilitate working with modern electro-mechanical machinery.

The AMFT program uses an innovative block-scheduled cohort model to deliver classes, so students have the opportunity to participate in long-term in-depth internships with participating industrial partners. Program courses are offered two days a week in approximately 8-hour blocks for five semesters. Qualifying students may intern with industry partners on non-class days to obtain a valuable background of real-world applications throughout the program. Graduates who have participated in the internship program enter the workforce with not just a degree, but also the equivalent of a year of professional industrial experience.


First Semester    
AMTE 111 DC Circuits: Fundamentals 3
AMTE 121 AC Circuits: Fundamentals 3
GNST 102 First Year Experience 1
GNET 122 Industrial Safety Fundamentals 3
MATH 115 Applied Technical Math (GEC-2) 3
AMTM 247 Fundamentals of Fluid Power 3
  Semester Total 16
Second Semester  
AMTE 134 Industrial Power and Devices 3
AMTE 144 PLC: Fundamentals and Applications 3
AMTE 156 Control System Technology: Sensors, Actuators, Process Control 2
AMTM 248 Applications of Fluid Power 3
ENGL 101 English Composition I (GEC-1) 3
  GEC-3 Elective 3
  Semester Total 17
Third Semester    
WLDT 101  Introduction to Welding Processes Part I 3
WLDT 102  Introduction to Welding Processes Part II  3
  Semester Total 6
Fourth Semester  
ENGL 102  English Composition II (GEC-1)  3
GNET 107 Computer Applications for Technicians (GEC-4) 3
MEET 121  Manufacturing Processes I 3
MEET 225 Mechanical Design I  3
MATH 130 College Algebra 3
  Semester Total 15
Fifth Semester    
AMTE 261 Industrial Robotics 3
AMTE 281 Industrial Troubleshooting 2
AMTE 290 Practicum 1
AMTM 280  Mechanical Maintenance Principles  3
MEET 122 Processes II 3
  Semester Total 12