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Mechatronics Technology

Associate of Applied Science

Mechatronics Technology

Mechatronics Technology will provide students with an accelerated path to enter careers in technical fields such as electrical, mechanical, electrical & instrumentation, process and maintenance technician in the Chemical, Energy, Oil & Gas, and Water/Wastewater industries. This program will be offered in accelerated, block schedules to help dislocated and unemployed students return to work more quickly. The Mechatronics Certificate will will function as a well-grounded machine operator in a complex system, with responsibility for efficient operation of the equipment with minimal down-times.

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More About the Program

Program Goals and Objectives

Upon completion of this program, graduates will be able to:

  • Work safely in an automated manufacturing and process environment, including the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Install, maintain, calibrate and effectively troubleshoot electrical, mechanical, and instrumentation devices
  • Read and understand Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams, associated drawings and documentation
  • Identify, maintain and troubleshoot electrical and mechanical systems used in a process control loop, such as valves, pumps, sensors, variable frequency drives, motor circuits, and controllers
  • Install, repair and replace tubing in a process environment
  • Gain hands-on experience installing, configuring, programming and troubleshooting programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and Human Machine Interface (HMI) Display
  • Understand fundamental principles and methods of measuring flow, level, pressure and temperature


GNET 122 Industrial Safety Fundamentals ..... 3 Credits

GNST 102 First Year Experience ..... 1 Credits

MECH 110 Introduction to Automation ..... 2 Credits

MECH 120 Electrical Components ..... 3 Credits

MECH 130 Mechanical Components and Electrical Drives ..... 3 Credits

MATH 115 Applied Technical to Automation ..... 3 Credits

Semester Total : 15

PWPT 107 Electrical Controls ..... 3 Credits

MECH 210 (Electro) Pneumatics and Hydraulics Controls Circuits ..... 3 Credits

MECH 220 Digital Fundamentals and PLC ..... 3 Credits

MECH 240 Mechatronics Troubleshooting ..... 3 Credits

ENGL ENGL (GEC 1) ..... 3 Credits

Semester Total : 15

AMTE 245 Advanced PLC (GEC-4) ..... 3 Credits

AMTE 134 Industrial Power and Devices ..... 3 Credits

PWPT 202 Instrumentation and Control ..... 3 Credits

AMTE 133 Industrual Wiring and NEC ..... 2 Credits

INFT 131 Networking (GEC 4) ..... 4 Credits

Semester Total : 15

BUSN 230 Business Communications & Ethics (GEC 3) ..... 3 Credits

MECH 230 Introduction to Industrial Robotics ..... 3 Credits

MECH 255 Industrial Networking/Communications ..... 3 Credits

Technical Electives ..... 6 Credits

Semester Total : 15