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Process Technology

Associate of Applied Science

Process Technology

Process Technology prepares students to be employed as operators In the process industry. A chemical process operator works in the safe production, refining and transfer of various chemicals in three states of matter - solid, liquid and gas. Production is carried out in reactors and converters. Refining is done in distillation columns, filter presses, separators and other types of equipment. Chemicals are transferred through pipelines to shipping containers or storage tanks. In operating equipment, the operator must observe, interpret and record data from gauges, instruments, computer displays, log books and laboratory analysis data. The operator will need to make changes in pressure, flow, temperature, level and other parameters by operating control devices including valves, switches and levers. 

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More About the Program

Operators may also be required to operate moving equipment such as aerial work platforms, forklifts and track mobiles. Minor maintenance activities requiring the use of hand tools is done frequently by operators. The operators must be able to solve simple math problems and be able to run lab tests to assure quality products are being made. An operator must have good written and verbal communication skills. Being able to recognize unusual conditions and troubleshoot problems are essential traits for a chemical process operator.



PTEC 101 Intro to Process Technology ..... 2 Credits

PTEC 110 Introduction to Process Technology Laboratory ..... 1 Credits

PTEC 202 Safety, Health, and Environment ..... 3 Credits

PTEC 103 Process Technology I (Equipment) ..... 3 Credits

ENGL 101 English Composition I (GEC 1) ..... 3 Credits

GNST 102, 103, 104 First Year Experience ..... 3 Credits

Semester Total : 15

PTEC 111 Process Technology Applications ..... 2 Credits

PTEC 112 Process Technology Applications Laboratory ..... 1 Credits

PTEC 206 Process Quality ..... 3 Credits

MATH 115 Applied Technical Math (GEC 2) ..... 3 Credits

PTEC 203 Process Technology II: Systems ..... 3 Credits

PTEC 205 OR 207 Process Technology III: Operations OR Internship ..... 3 Credits

Semester Total : 15

AMTM 113 Industrial Mechanics ..... 3 Credits

CHEM 110 Fundamentals of Chemistry ..... 3 Credits

PWPT 202 Instrumentation ..... 3 Credits

COMM 100Oral Communications - OR -

HUMN 101Introduction to Humanities ..... 3 Credits

CSCT 104 Technical Applications Of Microsoft Office ..... 3 Credits

Semester Total : 15

ENGL 202 Technical Writing - OR -

BUSN 230 Business Communication and Ethics ..... 3 Credits

PTEC 102 Process Fundamentals - OR -

PHYS 100 Introductory Physics ..... 3 Credits

GEC 3 Social Science Elective ..... 3 Credits

PTEC 201 Water and Wastewater Treatment ..... 3 Credits

PTEC 250 PTEC Capstone ..... 3 Credits

Semester Total : 15