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Brewing Technology FAQ

How do the Brew Tech Classes Work?

The Brewing Tech courses blend classroom instruction with hands-on experience in an actual working brewery.  Students will also have access to the Brewing Tech labs located on our Montgomery Campus.

How much does it cost?

It varies, but the short answer is much less than a four-year degree in Mythology.  BridgeValley offers a variety of financial aid options for those who qualify. 

What do Brewers Make?

In 2016, the brewing industry in the state of West Virginia employed (full time) over 1,481 people with an average annual wage of $39,131.00. 2017 saw the addition of 7 new breweries for a total of 26 for the year.

Is Brewing Right for Me?

Don’t think that it’s all drinking beer and adding hops while looking cool. It is hard work and long hours, but if you buckle down and do the work, you have the opportunity to love what you do every day of your life.