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What is a Makerspace?

We're glad you asked!  Have you ever thought that if you moved your craft and supplies out of your basement (or spare room, garage, dining room table) that you would be more successful establishing it as an income source?  Or perhaps if you just had the right equipment?  If so, then a Makerspace is for you!

A Makerspace is like having your own shop and equipment but without the high cost of renting a complete building.  Our Makerspaces provide artisans with a room and equipment within the GRID to create your projects, store your materials, and rent a retail space but only when you need it and without waiting for a craft fair!


Makerspace at The GRID

The GRID Makerspace (located at 807 2nd Avenue; Montgomery, WV 25136) offers a variety of workshops utilizing the makerspaces listed below. We also have rooms for studio space or small business start up--all with access to Wi-Fi!

Become a member of our Makerspace!

Makerspace memberships are availabe at three different levels depending on the duration of your membership and levels of accessibility to your space..

  • Level 1

    • $200 per year with 24/7 access
  • Level 2

    • $100 per month with 24/7 access
  • Level 3

    • $75 per month with access Mon-Sat; 9am-6pm

Interested in becoming a member?

Makerspaces now available to Members

  • Woodshop. Use our woodshop to finish your next project. We offer equipment including a table saw, planer, drill press, band saw, shaper, miter saw, jointer, various hand tools, and a finishing room.
  • Pottery. We offer everything you need to get crafty including electric pottery wheels, an electric kiln, and a table for hand building.
  • Sewing. Don’t spend thousands of dollars on a new sewing machine when you can use our traditional and industrial sewing machines, cutting table, ironing board, and various sewing tools.
  • Screen Printing. Take a swing at screen printing. We offer a printer to make transparencies, a dark room to burn screens, a sink and sprayer, a screen press, and a dryer.
  • 3D Printer. Design your next project and use our state-of-the-art 3D printer to make it come to life.
  • Art Space. We have the perfect space for you to work on your next project including a large work area, a circuit machine, art easels, various art tools, and more.
  • Podcast Studio. Interested in starting a podcast? We have a studio and all the equipment that you need to get started.
  • Virtual Reality Studio. Dive into and explore the virtual world using our state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Co-working Computer Space. Use our computer lab featuring multiple computers for working solo or in groups.

Makerspaces that will soon be available to Members

  • Long Arm Quilter Machine. Love to quilt? Finish your next project with our machine.
  • Picture Framing. Learn how to frame your masterpiece with our various picture framing tools including a mat cutter and a multi-media cutter that cuts mat boards, foam boards, acrylic/plastic, and glass to size.
  • Forge/Blacksmith. Come experience the art of blacksmithing with our blacksmith four-burner forge, anvil, floor vice, and various other blacksmith tools.

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  • Call: 304.734.6700