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BV Pumpkin Drop - 2019 Winners

The 21st Annual Capital City Pumpkin Drop hosted by BridgeValley was held at the Appalachian Power Park on Thursday, October 17, 2019.

Over a thousand students from 4th to 12th grade, representing 42 schools and 13 counties, attended the 21st Annual Capital City Pumpkin Drop at Appalachian Power Park in Charleston on Thursday, October 17.  The students represented three grade-level categories and competed for the honor of becoming Grand Slam Pumpkin Champions and winning the monetary rewards presented to the winning teams.

Hosted by BridgeValley Community and Technical College, these students followed specific instructions to design a contraption that would hopefully protect a pumpkin when dropped. Students used math and science skills to develop their containers. Some of the materials used to keep the pumpkins safe were a combination of tennis balls, empty water jugs, newspaper, and clothing wrapped together.  The students watched as their pumpkins were dropped several feet to hit a target on the ground; some survived while others did not.

The 2019 winners were:

Most Creative Design:  Hannan Jr. Sr. High School

Most Sustainable Design:  Clay County High School

Elementary School

No elementary school pumpkins survived.

Middle School:

First Place: Huntington Middle School

Second Place: Eastern Greenbrier Middle School

Third Place: Hayes Middle School

High School:

First Place: Hannan Jr. Sr. High School

Second Place: Logan High School

Third Place: George Washington High School

Grand Slam Champion: East Fairmont High STEM

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BridgeValley Community & Technical College invites local schools to participate in the Annual CAPITAL CITY PUMPKIN DROP at Appalachian Power Park in Charleston WV each year. Students will follow engineering specifications to design the most accurate and safest way to drop a pumpkin from a designated height and hit a target on the ground.  Monetary awards will be presented to the winning teams. Grades 4-12 are invited. Three grade level categories will compete for the honor of being the Grand Slam Pumpkin Champion!

The intent of this event is for a classroom or group of students to work collaboratively using math, science and art to design a container to protect a pumpkin, according to the design specifications given.


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