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Computer and Internet Usage

Please see Board of Governors Policy # 24: Appropriate Use of Computer Resources for the complete policy determined by BridgeValley Community and Technical College.

These procedures are an addendum to this policy specified to the use of South Charleston Campus Room 119 and its facilities.

  • The librarian has the authority to approach any person using a BridgeValley computer or wireless connection in Room 119 to inform them that the content they are viewing/accessing is reasonably inappropriate or unacceptable and to ask that they refrain for continuing to access this content on campus property.
  • If said person(s) fails to comply with the librarian’s request(s), the librarian then has the right to ask them to leave the library and/or to call security if necessary.
  • Definition of inappropriate or unacceptable use is accessing content the librarian judges to be offensive or obscene or is disturbing to fellow library.  This content may include, but is not limited to, pornography, graphic violence, racial or ethnic slurs, nudity, or offensive language.  The librarian has the authority to make the final judgment call in all situations.
  • Disruptive behavior, including but not limited to, excessive noise or the harassment of fellow patrons or staff is prohibited.
  • Only beverages contained in pre-approved containers are permitted into the library.  Acceptable beverage containers have screw on/sealed lids and are spill proof.  All other beverages may be left on the front desk in Room 119.
  • Food is prohibited in the library.
  • Appropriate use of copyrighted and licensed material is the responsibility of the user.  Any unauthorized use of these materials is prohibited.
  • In any case in which a minor uses the library facilities of BridgeValley, it is the responsibility of the parents or other adult care-providers to monitor computer & internet use by said minors.  All BridgeValley students are considered adults.

*Any and all procedures are subject to change.