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New Student FAQs

We know as a new student, college can be very overwhelming. Please refer to our New Student FAQs below to see if your questions can be answered. If not or if you cannot find your question below, please stop in room 032 on the South Charleston campus or room 401 on the Montgomery campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find information on admissions?
For information about admissions, please click here.

Is the ACCUPLACER examination timed?
There is no time limit. However, it takes approximately an hour and a half for most students. For more information on the ACCUPLACER, click here.

Can I take the ACCUPLACER more than once?
Yes, you can take the ACCUPLACER more than once.  There is a $5 fee for the retake.

How do I make a first-time freshman advising appointment?

    • Go to
    • Sign in with your campus email and password
      • You must activate and setup your MyBridge portal in order to login to Advisor TRAC and schedule an advising appointment
      • Your campus email address is listed at the bottom of your acceptance letter
    • Click on Search Availability 
    • Select the appropriate Center: Professional Advising Center 
    • Select consultant from the drop down menu (Your advisor will be listed on your acceptance letter)
    • Select the reason for the appointment from the drop down menu (schedule classes) 
    • Select the Location: Location indicates location of the advisor, ex. Remote indicates that the advisor is available via telephone or virtually via zoom on the days and times selected.
    • Select the date and time you would like your appointment from the available options
    • Once you complete the online signup, you will receive an email confirming your appointment

Where can I find information on financial aid?
For information about financial assistance, please click here.

I have a documented disability.  Who would I talk to about accomodations?
Spencer Poling, Director of Accessibility and Support Services.  Her office is in room 032.

Sometimes, I just need someone to talk to, do you have Counseling Services?
Yes, absolutely!  Carla Blankenbuehler in room 032A at the South Charleston Campus. Stop by her office and ask to make an appointment. Students at BridgeValley are allowed a limited number of free counseling sessions per semester.

I am a veteran, who would I talk to about attending BridgeValley?
Misi Lair is our Director of Veterans Affairs.  She is in room 205 on the Montgomery campus. Tammy McClanahan is our Life Bridge AmeriCorps Liaison to Veteran & Military Affairs and is located in room 012 on the South Charleston Campus. 

What is the STOR?

All students wishing to enroll in a course must complete the Student Orientation, or STOR, course. There is no cost to the students for completing this course; it will be transcribed as credit/no credit. This course is designed to assist students on being orientated to college life and how to navigate an online course, using BridgeValley’s Learning Management System (LMS). In addition to navigation techniques, students will be introduced to BridgeValley’s policies and procedures for online learning. Topics include: tips for online success, online procedures and netiquette, using discussion boards and email, posting assignments, taking quizzes and exams, and proctoring requirements and options. This course will be a prerequisite to enrolling in a web (W) section of a course. For students with prior experience in online courses, a test-out option is available. Students desiring the test-out option should still enroll in the course.

Where can I find assistance with STOR?

Kaitlyn Calvert, Director of Instructional Technology and Library Services

[email protected]

(304) 205-6697

Where do I go if I need help in a class or want tutoring?
BridgeValley offers many services to help students succeed academically. We have a Student Success Center on both the South Charleston and Montogomery campuses.  For more information about our Student Success Center, please click here.

Can my parent or guardian attend my first time freshman advising appointment?
Of course! 

Can my parent or guardian conduct college business for me?
No. Parents cannot register, drop, or withdraw a student from a class.  Parent may be allowed access to specific information or ask questions about a student only if the student has completed and signed a FERPA form.  You may find more information about FERPA and can access the form here