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Dean of Students


Greetings!  Whether you are a returning student or new to our campus, my office is committed to being a resource to BridgeValley students through support, advocacy, involvement, and accountability to assist students in obtaining their goals personally and academically.  
Learning happens inside and outside of the classroom my office and student services in general provide many engaging activities and programs to encourage everyone to be involved on campus!  I encourage everyone to be involved in one of our student organizations, campus life events, recreational and social trips, and in any way they can.

Contact the Dean of Students:
[email protected]
B2000, 032D / Davis Hall 401B




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Student Expectation

BridgeValley students are held to the highest standards while on campus and representing the College in our communities. We believe in creating a safe environment where everyone feels welcome.

Honor Code

Pathfinder Creed

Student Handbook & Policies

In the student handbook you will find important information on the many different services in place to assist students with success. You will also find the student code of conduct and students rights and responsibilities. It is the responsibility for all students to read this handbook and reach out to the Dean of Students Office if you have questions. *** Please note, the handbook may change at any time without notice, so it is important to read the handbook periodically.

Student Handbook

Academic Dishonesty,
Alcohol, Code of Conduct


College students can often have difficulty adjusting to college life, but in some cases students that are in mental, physical or psychological distress cannot function in their personal lives and/or focus on learning. Due to these difficulties, BridgeValley Community & Technical College (BVCTC) has developed a plan and selected a committee to address potential problems of this nature. In response, BVCTC has established the Campus Assessment Response Evaluation and Solution team (CARES) to serve as an additional measure for campus safety..


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Medical/Emergency Withdraw

We understand that sometimes unexpected situations come up in life.  If you are experiencing a medical emergency or other unexpected hardship in life that you may need to withdraw from classes, please reach out for assistance.

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Student /Public Compaints

BridgeValley strives to provide a safe and quality environment to students and the community. In an effort to continuously improve and as an avenue for invested persons to share their concerns, BridgeValley has created an easy process for everyone to provide feedback and concerns.

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Nominate Students for Success Story

Our success is student success! BridgeValley students and alumni contribute to their families and communities in extraordinary ways. We are proud of our students and all they accomplish and want them to continue to be role models for future Pathfinders!

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Student of the Month

The student of the month program is designed to recognize students who excel at BridgeValley and their community. This program allows faculty and staff to nominate a currently enrolled student for the outstanding work they do, both in and out of the classroom. Students will be selected for this honor for the months of September through April, with one of the monthly students being selected for student of the year.

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Student Opportunity Fund


Student Advisory Board


Student Services Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports summarize the work by Student Affairs departments and provides a narrative of the work they do guided by strategic goals and objectives. Each department within Student Services is represented and provides a snapshot of the services and events provided during the academic year.

Current Report

Past Reports