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Dental Hygiene

Dental hygienists play an important role in today’s healthcare system through providing patients with preventive and therapeutic services to attain or maintain optimum oral health. In collaboration with dentists and various other health care providers, the dental hygienist is qualified by education and licensure to provide direct patient care in the private dental practice as well as in various public health settings.

The Dental Hygiene program at BridgeValley is designed to prepare students for a career in dental hygiene with concentration on educating students for clinical dental hygiene practice and transfer to baccalaureate studies.

BridgeValley’s Dental Hygiene program has been recognized for excellence in dental hygiene education since 1975. Graduates are skilled in clinical procedures as well as academic subjects related to the basic, social and dental hygiene sciences.  

BridgeValley Dental Hygiene clinics and major courses are offered on the Montgomery campus.