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Department of Student Services

Student Services


Through BridgeValley’s vision, mission and value statements, we aim to have major impact on the college priorities for student success and community engagement. The college experience goes beyond academics in the classroom.  As a college student, you will discover more about yourself, cultivate new interests, and build on the interests you are already passionate about. BridgeValley helps you become the best version of yourself! Employers and four-year colleges look for well-rounded students whose interests reach beyond the classroom. Here, we encourage you to get involved in your campus and community. BridgeValley has a variety of student clubs, organizations, and community service opportunities. Student Services also offers many resources that help you to achieve your goals. Take a moment to review the resources and please do not hesitate to visit our areas on your respective campus for any questions you may have.
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Our Team


James McDougle

Associate Vice President for Student Engagement

[email protected]


B2000 032D / Davis Hall 401



Heather Proctor

Program Assistant for Career Services & Student Affairs

[email protected]


B2000 032A



Carla Blankenbuehler

Assistant Dean of Students/Director of Counseling

[email protected]


B2000 032C / Davis Hall 401



Spencer Poling

Director of Accessibility and Support Services

[email protected]


B2000 032B / Davis 401



Renee Lester

Director of Career Services & Freshman Advising

[email protected]


B2000 032G / Davis Hall 401



Tina Spaulding

Director of Student Success Center

[email protected]


B2000 031 / Davis Hall 401



Connie Keiffer

Coordinator of Retention/Advisor

[email protected]


Davis Hall 401B / B2000 032J



Rachel Harper

Director of Student Engagement

[email protected]


B2000 032F / Davis Hall 401



Michael Kute

Peer Support Recovery Specialist

[email protected]


B2000 012



Madison Taylor

Retention Specialist/Advisor

[email protected]


B2000 032J



Jennifer Hurt

Retention Specialist/Advisor

[email protected]


B2000 032H



Mindy Adkins

Student Services Specialist - TANF, 

[email protected]


B2000 012 



Kevin Ellenberg

Student Services Specialist - TANF

[email protected]


B2000 012 



Tammy Winters

Student Success Center Apprentice

[email protected]


B2000 031



Janice Williams

Student Services Specialist Gear-Up 

[email protected]


B200 021



Jeanne Smith

Student Services Specialist-Student Programs

[email protected]


Davis Hall 401B


Each year the student services team assesses services to ensure continuous improvement to our division.  We value your input and have provided below previous years reports.