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Exam Proctoring

The SSC proctors exams for online courses at BridgeValley for no cost to the student. To schedule a proctored exam with the BVCTC Student Success Center please see the below instructions.

Student Success Center Exam Proctor Scheduling Instructions:

Proctored Exams

Proctored exams are given in a supervised environment. Faculty determine when necessary for a student to be offered a proctored exam. A proctored exam may be due to illness, absence or other accommodations. Students MUST have a scheduled time to complete a proctored exam.

Registration Deadline

There is a 24 hours before exam day to register and schedule the time of the exam, dependent upon seating and test administration information. Seating is limited. To secure a preferred slot, plan to register as soon as possible.

Proctored Exams for BridgeValley CTC Students

The Testing Center offers proctoring services to students enrolled in BridgeValley CTC coursework free of charge. All test registration must be completed electronically. Click Here to Schedule a Proctored Exam.

Test Registration

For your convenience, testing candidates can now register for all exams online through RegisterBlast®. RegisterBlast® is a quick, easy and confidential way for all testing candidates to register and confirm an appointment to complete testing. All test candidates must complete the online registration through RegisterBlast to schedule a test date.

How to Schedule an Exam

  1. Click on the Schedule Testing link below.

  2. Select the campus for your exam (i.e., Montgomery or South Charleston)

  3. Select Proctored Exams from the group.

  4. Choose your exam. Instructors provide specific information regarding exams. If you do not see your exam, please contact your instructor.

  5. Select an exam date and time.

  6. Enter your personal information.

  7. Read and accept Exam Guideline Acknowledgements

  8. Select Submit to confirm your test.

Click Here to Schedule a Proctored Exam

Proctored Exams for External (Non-BVCTC) Students

BridgeValley CTC offers test proctoring to non-BVCTC students, generally exams from another college or university. A $15 proctoring fee is assessed for this service.

For non-BVCTC student proctored testing and payment information on the South Charleston and Montgomery campus please contact Tina Spaulding at Tina.Spaulding@bridgevalley.edu, 304-205-6670.