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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I print?

Only pc windows computers can print.  Each pc windows computer has GoPrint installed and has access to a special GoPrint account.  New students have $1.00 on their accounts.  Once that $1.00 is used, students may go to the cashier’s office to place additional funds on their accounts.  Each page costs $0.05 (five cents) to print.  Go Print requires an active student login for access. The login will be the first part of your email and the password is the same as your email password. 

Q:  Which computers have SNAP, My IT Lab, Active X, etc.?

All computers have them installed.

Q:  I left my USB (or other item) in the library, where do I find it?

All items left in the library are brought down to Student Services to be placed in the Lost and Found area.  USB's are kept in the librarian's desk until claimed.  Those left unclaimed are brought to Student Services at the end of every month.

Q:  Where do I find information about using the library resources?

Quick Guide pamphlets are located at the front of the library (Room 119).  Topics include: EBSCO Searching, CINAHL Searching, Credible Websites, Plagiarism & Citations, and Primary vs. Secondary Resources.  The EBSCO & CINAHL pamphlets include all of the login information for the EBSCO databases. 

Students can also go to the Blackboard Community titled BridgeValley Library Online, which has video tutorials as well as other helpful, informative guides.