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Frequently Asked Questions

Campus Communication

  • What is my campus email?  How do I access it?
    • Your campus email was given to you in your acceptance letter.
    • You may also view your campus email by going to mybridge signing in and clicking on the gray tab that says personal information. 
    • You then will click on view email. 
    • In order to access your email you can click on the gray tab that says email and online courses. You then click on student email.
    • Where do I find emails and phone numbers for faculty/staff?
    • You may find the faculty and staff email and phone numbers by clicking on the Faculty Staff Directory.
    • Who do I call if there is an emergency while I am on campus?
      • If there is an emergency on campus you may contact the Campus Police at 216-571-3969.
      • If there is a medical emergency please dial 911.
  • What is FERPA?
    • FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974) is federal legislation in the United States that protects the privacy of students' personally identifiable information (PII). The act applies to all educational institutions that receive federal funds.  For more information, please visit our FERPA page.
  • What is MyBridge?
    • MyBridge is the online student self-service information portal.  MyBridge may be utilized to review information such as grades, registration status, class schedules, unofficial transcripts, financial aid, etc.  Tutorials on how to login and navigate MyBridge can be located on the Student Resources page.  The login for MyBridge is on the bottom of that page.
    • Your user ID is your B number and your default password is your 6-digit date-of-birth. Upon your first login, you will be prompted to reenter your default password and to enter a new password twice.

Financial Aid and Paying for College

  • When are the financial aid deadlines?
    • All paperwork should be submitted to the BridgeValley Financial Aid Office by June 30 for fall, by November 30 for spring and by April 15 for summer.
  • What is Proof of Attendance and how does it affect me?
    • Schools are required to verify that a student began attendance in all classes before financial aid awards can be paid to a student account or directly to a student. If the student begins attending some but, not all, classes a school must recalculate federal financial aid to reflect the actual enrollment. Students who do not begin attendance are not eligible to receive federal financial aid.
    • If you are reported as not attending some or all of your classes, a completed Proof of Attendance Form must be provided to the Financial Aid Office.  Until a completed Proof of Attendance Form is provided you will not be able to receive financial aid.
  • How and when do I get my financial aid reimbursement check?
  • Disbursement of federal and state financial aid funds to student accounts will occur once the Financial Aid Office has determined eligibility for funds and authorized the Cashier's Office to apply payments to student accounts. The Cashier's Office applies financial aid payments to charges, such as tuition and fees, calculates the difference between the amount owed to the school and the amount of financial aid awarded.
  • Disbursement is always the second Wednesday of classes after the add/drop period ends. Then disbursement occurs every Wednesday thereafter. If all requested documents are submitted by the published deadline dates, financial aid funds will be disbursed on the scheduled date. Please check the eligibility section for financial aid on MyBRIDGE to determine if all paperwork has been received and satisfied. Money owed to BridgeValley will be deducted from financial aid funds and the refund check will be mailed to the mailing address or directly deposited to your specified account within 14 business days.
  • Where is the Financial Aid office?
    • BridgeValley has two campuses with a Financial Aid Office on both campuses.
      • Montgomery Campus
        • 304-734-6648
        • Davis Hall, Room 103
      • South Charleston Campus
        • 304-205-6700
        • Main Hall, Room 012


  • How do I apply to BridgeValley CTC?
    • BridgeValley Community and Technical College is an open door admission institution that admits individuals as regular students with a high school diploma or GED/TASC.  For steps to apply for admission, please follow this link: Apply Here
  • How will I know when I have been admitted?
    • Applicants are notified with a letter of acceptance sent to them via postal mail.
  • What does it cost to attend BVCTC?
  • The tuition and fee costs can be found here: Tuition and Fees

Academic Issues

  • What majors does BridgeValley have? ​
  • How do I register for classes? 
    • New students will be instructed on the registration process during orientation.  Returning students are required to meet with their appropriate academic advisors to complete the registration process.
  • How do I calculate my G.P.A.? 
    • The grade point average (GPA) is calculated by dividing the total number of quality points earned by the total number of GPA hours.  The table below indicates the number of quality points earned by letter grade.  An online GPA calculator can be found at
  • What if I want to withdraw from a class?  Or from the college?
    • Students wanting to withdraw from a single course must meet with his/her advisor and complete a course registration form indicating the course intended for withdraw.  The completed form must be signed by the student, advisor, and submitted to the Office of the Registrar prior to the published deadline.
    • Students requesting to withdraw from college must complete and submit a Withdraw from College form to the Office of the Registrar by the deadline in the academic calendar. Refund of tuition and fees, when applicable, is based on the earliest dated signature by a college official.
    • Any grade earned for a part-of-term class that has concluded prior to the request to withdraw from college will be unaffected by the request to withdraw from college.
  • How do I get an academic transcript?
    • Detailed instructions on how to request an academic transcript can be found on our Official Transcript Request page.
    • BridgeValley does not provide unofficial academic transcripts. However, students may access and print their unofficial academic transcripts from their MyBridge accounts. Tutorials on how to login and navigate MyBridge can be located on the Student Resources page.  The login for MyBridge is on the bottom of that page.

Textbooks and School Supplies

  • Where and how do I purchase textbooks and course materials?
  • Payment Options?
    • We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards. We also accept Visa and MasterCard Debit cards.   
    • You may also pay with a check or money order. Call us at 800-325-3252 to request a price quote. Our Customer Care Representative will email you a copy of the quote. Print it out and mail it with your check or money order to:
      • MBS Direct
        2805 Falling Leaf Lane
        Columbia, MO 65201
    • Please Note: Mail in orders take additional time to process. Once payment is received, the order will be placed on hold for 1 week until the check has been processed. For faster processing, we recommend the use of a Money Order. We do not accept checks from outside the United States.
    • Your school may participate in a financial aid/book voucher program with MBS Direct. If so, your school will provide you with a voucher id and number to use to place an order using financial aid as payment. If you are unsure as to whether your school participates in this program, please see your Financial Aid department.
    • MBS Direct is proud to offer the convenience of PayPal™. Find out more about PayPal™ payment options or sign up for an account. Visit PayPal™ to review the security offered with each transaction or contact PayPal™ Customer Service.
  • Do I have to buy my books from the campus bookstore?
    • You are not required to buy your books from the campus bookstore. However, you will have to pay for your books out of pocket. If you have left over financial aid funds they will be sent to you in the form of a check but not until after the 2nd week of school.
  • What if I have a problem with the bookstore?

Other Questions

  • Where can I get help with my classes?
    • BridgeValley offers free tutoring services at the Student Success Centers in both Montgomery Davis 402 and South Charleston Main 031. 
  • Can anyone help me with a personal issue?
    • Yes, BridgeValley has two mental health counselors, to assist students with personal issues. The counselors are located in 410 Davis and 032A Main 
  • How do I get my student ID and/or my B#?
    • Your student ID/B# is given to you in your acceptance letter.  In order to obtain your Student ID number you may contact Student Affairs at 304.205.6600.

SONAR (Student Online Navigational Assistive Resource)

In addition to the FAQs provided on this page, students, faculty, staff and other interested parties can find answers to approximately 100 of the most commonly asked questions at BridgeValley by visiting one of our SONAR kiosks located in the Davis Hall lobby on the Montgomery campus and in the Building 2000 lobby on the South Charleston campus.