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Greece Trip


A Documentation of Culture

A faculty-led tour traveling through Greece, with an emphasis on the documentation of culture through photography, writing, group discussions, and experiential and observations. This study tour will include credit for two courses, Sociology and Digital Photography, with an intriguing study of greek culture utilizing social comparisons and observations as a platform for peer discussions and self-expression through photo-documentaries of the experience. In collaboration with the sociology cultural studies, students will learn how to take successful photographs, technical use of the digital camera, and creative ways to use the camera in documentary photography. The group will participate in a Gallery Exhibit upon return to the United States, expressing their views and observations on Greek culture though photographs and written essays in a group display.



Trip Costs: $4,900 includes round-trip flight, public transport, hotels, breakfast & dinners, guided events.

*6 credits tuition paid separately.

Financial Aid available.


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