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The GRID in Montgomery

Mural by Melissa Doty (2020)

Generate. Renew. Innovate. Design.

The GRID, formerly known as WVU Tech's Engineering Lab, is an example of the adaptive reuse of an existing building for a purpose other than which it was originally built. Adapting the building while maintaining its historic features is an effective way to foster renewed vitality and transform the community.

A special place

The GRID is now a special place where creative energy, civic spirit, and resources converge to unleash innovation, seek new enterprises, and invest in the region's people and the city's downtown.  It is a unique concept that combines the talents of the community members with people interested in learning new crafts, building on the skills they already possess, or perhaps are looking for a fun way to try a new hobby.  From classes to retreats, from the novice to the master, from art galleries to makerspaces--the possibilities are endless!

Where is the GRID?

The GRID features:

  • Space to transform ideas into art, new business ventures, or inventions,
  • A hub for artisans where creativity flows,
  • Small-scale manufacturing and equipment for production,
  • Gathering spaces and workshops to foster organic support networks,
  • A public access point to high-speed internet in Montgomery and surrounding communities, and
  • Innovative access beyond our region - Amtrak provides critical linkages for entrepreneurs through connections to Charleston, Raleigh, Washington D.C., and Chicago.

What does the GRID offer?

The GRID offers large spaces for community interaction as well as rental space for private studio space and material storage. These spaces are available on a 24/7 basis with controlled access. As a maker space for artists, we also offer specialized tools for use by the artists.

What's happening at the GRID?

1.  Artisans and Crafters as Entreprenuers

2.  Workshops and classes at the GRID

  • Workshops led by master artisans; from 2 hours to one day sessions
  • Beginners to Advanced; progress from novice to journeyman to master level
  • Cost varies by workshop; affordable fees include instruction and all needed supplies
  • Topics cover a broad range of arts and crafts
  • Download PDF here.
  • To view The GRID event calendar, click here


  • Call 304.734.6700