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Medical Laboratory Technology

Associate of Applied Science

Medical Laboratory Technology

As a vital member of the health care team, Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLT’s) perform a variety of complex biological and chemical analyses on patient specimens both manually and with sophisticated laboratory equipment. These analyses assist the physician in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of disease.

The suggested curriculum is weighted heavily in the sciences and hands-on laboratory experiences. In anticipation of completing the required pre-requisites for the program the student may apply to the program in January to begin the applicable MLT classes in May. After completing the necessary lecture classes and student labs, the MLT student will perform a 15-week clinical rotation during the spring semester with an anticipated May graduation date.

MLT students can continue their education by obtaining a Bachelor's of Science - Clinical Laboratory Science Degree at various institutions. BridgeValley has a formal affiliation agreement with Marshall University for MLT students.

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BIOL 201 Anatomy and Physiology I ..... 4 Credits

ENGL 101 English Composition I ..... 3 Credits

*MATH 130 College Algebra ..... 3-4 Credits

GNST 115 College Success and Career Exploration in Health ..... 1 Credit

MLAB 101 Intro to Medical Laboratory Technology ..... 2 Credits

Semester Total : 16 (or 17) hours

*Or Math 125 or Math 119 if scores dictate

BIOL 202 Anatomy and Physiology II ..... 4 Credits

BIOL 230 Microbiology ..... 3 Credits

BIOL 231 Microbiology Lab ..... 1 Credits

CHEM 110 and 111 Fundamentals of Chemistry and Lab ..... 4 Credits

*MATH 125/130 College Algebra ..... 3-4 Credits

Semester Total : 12 (or 15-16) hours

*If MATH 119 taken in first semester


Pre-requisite courses do not have to be taken in this exact manner but students should keep in mind that some classes will require that the student be eligible for College level Math and English 101 or have already completed them.  Anat and Physio I and II are sequential and can not be taken at the same time.  All science classes must be passed with a C or higher.

Students will apply for the MLT Program in the application period Jan through March during their second semester if they are on track to be completely finished with their pre-requisites by fall of that year.  MLT students chosen for the program will begin classes in May and continue with classes until May of the following year.

MLAB 100 Introduction to Clinical Lab Science ..... 2 Credits

MLAB 207 Coagulation, Serology and Urinalysis ..... 3 Credits

Semester Total : 5

Semester Notes:

•    These classes will include hands-on laboratory time and a clinical rotation
•    Drug screens, background checks, health records and uniform fittings will occur in this semester
•    All MLAB courses must be passed with a 75% average in order to proceed in the program

MLAB 200 Clinical Hematology ( 7 week class) ..... 4 Credits

MLAB 201 Clinical Biochemistry ..... 4 Credits

MLAB 202 Clinical Immunohematology ..... 4 Credits

MLAB 203 Clinical Microbology with Lab ..... 4 Credits

Semester Total : 16

Semester Notes:

•    Students will meet with advisor for guidance in applying for transfer or employment goals
•    Students will apply for graduation during this semester

MLAB 205 MLT Seminar ..... 1 Credits

MLAB 206 MLT Clinical Practicum (GEC4) ..... 12 Credits

MLAB 208 Mycology and Parasitology ..... 1 Credits

Semester Total : 14

Semester Notes:

•    Students will apply for national certification examination through ASCP (registration fees will be part of fees paid this semester
•    MLAB 206 MLT Clinical Practicum will involve clinical laboratory rotations in various healthcare facilities

BridgeValley Medical Laboratory Technology clinics and major courses are offered on the South Charleston campus.