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Hospitality Manager Certificate

Hospitality Manager's Certificate

Take your food and beverage experience to the next level and improve your marketability by earning your Hospitality Manager's Certificate!

This 10-week Hospitality Manager Certificate program is designed to help you develop an understanding of the basic principles of food sanitation and safety. You will learn how to maintain a safe and healthy environment for the consumer in the food industry utilizing standards set forth by the National Restaurant Association.

Learn to view these topics from a management perspective:

  • Food safety
  • Cleanliness standards
  • Preventing foodborne illnesses
  • Work safety
  • Food distribution systems
  • Purchasing procedures

ServSafe® Manager Certification

This course prepares you to take the ServSafe® Manager exam at the end of the course.  Students who pass the exam will receive the ServSafe® Manager Certificate which is valid for five years.

Who should take this course?

This course is designed for current foodservice managers and supervisors as well as front-line foodservice employees who want to prepare for advancement within the hospitality industry.

Why BridgeValley CTC?

Personalized and Flexible: Finding the time to focus on career training can be tough when you’re managing a busy workday and responsibilities at home. Stay on track to earn your certification with a structured learning experience and support.

Affordable Programs: We are committed to keeping your course fees as low as possible, while helping you reach your Certification or professional development goals.  We can also help you take advantage of student discounts and funding options that may be available to you.

1-on-1 Support: Our instructors are certified ServSafe® Managers with over 15 years of management experience. They will help you comprehend and learn to apply your new knowledge; they are prepared to share real-life examples and bring the course objectives and competencies to life.

Primary Course Objectives

  • Explain and identify differences between foodborne illness and foodborne outbreak
  • List TCS Foods
  • Identify federal, state, & local government regulations as they relate to food service
  • Identify biological, chemical, & physical contaminants as they relate to food service
  • Identify the "Big 8 Allergens" and proper preventative measures
  • Demonstrate food handler sanitary procedures such as correct handwashing and glove use
  • Demonstrate proper usage and calibration of a thermometer
  • Identify proper temperatures and procedures for food purchasing, storage, and service
  • Demonstrate utilization of food safety management systems, safe facility and pest management, sanitizing guidelines while onsite of hospitality establishments

Schedule and Registration Information:

  • Sept. 28 - Dec. 9, 2021
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays, 11:00-11:50am
  • Registration fee: $100
  • To register or for addional information, call: 304.734.6736

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