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Business Concentration

Associate of Science

General Studies - Business Concentration

Program Description The Associate in Science- Business Concentration is a program that serves a dual purpose. It provides the first two years of general study to students who plan to transfer to a baccalaureate program and work toward a Bachelor of Arts or Science in Business (see transfer information). It provides two years of general studies to individuals who desire a structured, non-technical, degree program to gain employment or to secure a promotion in employment.

  • Transfer to a 4 year institution and earn a Bachelor of Arts or Science in Business
  • Degree earning students with business concentrations have more opportunities for entrepreneurship, consulting, managing and administration
  • Skills from a business concentration include time management and self-motivation, strong communication and numeracy, analytical and critical thinking and problem solving and presentation and reporting
  • Eventually, business degrees can earn an MBA


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More About the Program

Program Learning Outcomes: Upon graduation students will be able to:

  1. Apply critical thinking process to a program specific problem.
  2. Employ a professional level of communication, demonstrating and practicing interpersonal communication skills, ethics and civility.
  3. Integrate (combine) knowledge gained from educational experience to resolve problems and integrate ideas across disciplines.
  4. Demonstrate mathematical or scientific competencies appropriate to the discipline.

Articulation agreements to WVSU and Marshall University