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Lockdown Browser

Your instructor may require you to use Lockdown Browser when taking an online exam.  Please watch the video below to get a basic understanding of LockDown Browser and the optional webcam feature (which may be required for some exams).

If you need to download and install LockDown Browser on your personal computer, please do so at this link - (This link is specific to BridgeValley and will only work for BridgeValley exams).

If you choose to take exams on campus, there is no need to download anything as the Lockdown Browser is installed on campus computers.

To take an online test, start LockDown Browser.  Login to BridgeValley online using your B-number as your username and current MyBridge PIN as the password.  Navigate to the exam. (You won't be able to access the exam with a standard web browser.) For additional details on using LockDown Browser, review this Student Quick Start Guide.