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Medical Coding CAS

Certificate of Advanced Study

Medical Coding

Medical Coding is a two-semester certificate program designed to prepare students for employment as a medical coder or medical insurance specialist in physician’s office, hospital coding and billing offices, outpatient departments, and healthcare insurance companies. Students will develop an expertise in ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, and CPT/HCPCS medical coding and medical billing procedures.  As part of the Medical Coding Program, students will join the AAPC, and prepare to sit for the National AAPC Certified Professional Coder (CPC) exam at the end of the program. Students are also eligible to sit for the AHIMA CCS certification.

In the final semester, the student will be eligible to go to a healthcare site for training. In addition, the student will complete the AAPC Practicode online training.

Medical coders are in great demand due to the requirement that medical records be coded correctly for appropriate billing to healthcare providers.Facilities and provider officers frequently contact the MEDC program looking for medical coders. According to the AAPC 2020 Salary Survey, West Virginia’s average medical coding salary is $47,553.  Americans will be using more and more healthcare services in coming decades.  This career is an expanding field that provides additional certification in other medical coding, billing and compliance certifications.

This program is 100% online.

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ENGL - 101E English Composition Enhanced ..... 3-4 Credits

BIOL 210 Human Anatomy and Physiology ..... 4 Credits

MEDC 101 Medical Terminology ..... 1 Credit

MEDC 201 Diagnostic Medical Coding ..... 3 Credits

MEDC 150 Insurance Billing ..... 3 Credits

MEDC 205 CPT/HCPCS Medical Coding ..... 3 Credits

Semester Total : 17-18; Credits Toward Degree: 17

BUSN 112 Business Math ..... 3 Credits

ALHL 110 Pharmacology ..... 3 Credits

MEDC 203 Procedural Coding ..... 3 Credits

MEDC 240 Advanced Coding Concepts ..... 3 Credits

MEDC 250 Medical Coding Directed Practicum ..... 1 Credit

Semester Total : 13-14; Credits Toward Degree: 13