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Neurodiversity Pathfinders Program

After significant research BridgeValley is excited to announce a pilot neurodiversity program which aims to  help those students who are neurodivergent, that is, have neurological differences such as autism, dyspraxia,  dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and dyscalculia.  

We were drawn to this type of program to somewhat address a need within our neurodiverse community. We  aim to help these students be successful in their studies and ultimately in their life endeavors, while  celebrating the individual’s unique qualities and abilities.  

The program design is that of a “stacked” design whereby students enroll in their program of choice  (depending on entry requirements) and additionally enroll in courses with relevant facets such as executive  functioning, self-regulation, social interaction, and self-advocacy etc. This program follows the Social Justice  model versus the Medical model, in that we focus on strengths and what the student can do and their talents  as opposed to the trying to make them fit within narrowly defined criteria. 


In collaboration with Bellevue College's Neurodiversity Navigators program



A (usually transferable) credit class taken with cohort each semester, for five semesters. Please note that the titles of the courses have not been finalized and will change. 


First Year (Fall 2021-see details below*)

Skills for Navigating College & Career

Executive Functioning in the Workplace

Self & Community Advocacy 


Second Year 

Who Am I, Where Am I Going?

Connecting with Community

Occupational Wellness 


Third Year 

Interpersonal Communication

(Optional) Internship as Mentor


Advocacy and Access Services: 

• Regular Meetings with trained peer mentor (Pathfinders Assistant) 

• Supported communication with faculty & advisors; supported access to services & programs 


*The first course is GNST 199 S01 College Support Strategies - 2 credits 

Start date: 9/27/2021 and End date: 12/9/2021, Teacher: Spencer Poling 


For more information, please contact: 

Spencer Poling, Director of Accessibility Services at or 304.205.6725

Natalie Sigmon at

James Goodwin, Director of College Initiatives at or 304.734.6610