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Refund Policy

BridgeValley Community and Technical College refunds are processed through the Financial Affairs Office with BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc.  BankMobile Disbursements issues our refunds to a student’s selected refund preference. For more information, visit this link:  Refund requests should be addressed to the Financial Affairs Office. The college computes charges on a semester basis. Consequently, if the college receives monies from a one-time scholarship or alternative loan source, such funds will be applied in full in the semester in which they are received. This may create a credit balance for one semester and not the next. Students are responsible for notifying BridgeValley's Office of the Registrar of any address change.  Textbook charges occur at the time the book(s) ships.  Any textbooks shipped after the refund process has begun will result in a balance due to the college.  It is the student's responsiblity to promptly pay any outstanding charges due to the college or a hold will be placed on their account.

Refund Policy for Students Who Withdraw
A student who officially withdrawls from the college through the Registrar’s Office, or is administratively withdrawn from college prior to completing 60% of a semester, is entitled to a partial refund of that semester’s tuition and fees. Refund amounts are calculated to-the-day based on the number of calendar days which have elapsed from the first day of class to the actual date of withdrawal. Any student who withdraws at any point during the semester is advised to consult with the Business Office to determine whether there is a balance owing or a refund due. For a student receiving federal financial aid who withdraws before completion of 60% of the semester, the amount of federal financial aid earned will be calculated to-the-day according to the same formula. Unearned financial aid must be returned. When aid is returned, the student may owe a balance to BridgeValley, to the US Department of Education, or both. Any student receiving federal financial aid should contact the Financial Aid Office before withdrawing or reducing the number of hours enrolled in school to determine the impact of these actions on his or her financial aid status.

Special Notice
When conditions warrant, the administration reserves the right to adjust fees and charges without advance notifications.

Financial Affairs
Student account payments may be submitted to the BridgeValley Business Office, Room 005 on the South Charleston Campus and Room 216 on the Montgomery Campus.

Delinquent Accounts
BridgeValley Community and Technical College will not issue a degree, transcript, or a grade report to any student who has a delinquent account. A delinquent student will not be readmitted to the college until all balances due are paid.