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Faculty and Staff Resources


R.A.D.A.R., or Registrar Active Digital Assistive Resource, is a student, faculty, and staff resource within the Office of the Registrar.

Do you need help navigating your MyBridge account? Are you unsure where to locate transfer information? Do you need to request an electronic transcript?

Take a look at the areas in which R.A.D.A.R. can help you find your way:

  • Academic Calendars
  • College Catalogs
  • Course Schedules
  • Electronic Degree Verification
  • Electronic Enrollment Verification
  • Electronic Transcripts
  • Forms
  • GPA Calculator
  • Graduation Information
  • MyBridge Navigation
  • Transfer Articulation Information
  • Degree Works Degree Progress Audits

R.A.D.A.R. stations are located on the Montgomery campus in Pathfinder Hall, Mezzanine Suite and on the South Charleston campus in Building 2000, 012 Suite.



Due to the nature of some of the forms from the Office of the Registrar, we are unable to make them all available on the website. Faculty and staff may access our comprehensive library of forms by visiting the SharePoint Forms page. Alternatively, a limited library containing our commonly used forms is accessible through our Forms page within the Office of the Registrar section of the website.



Please visit the SharePoint Manuals page for a comprehensive list of available instructional manuals.

HOW TO: Enter Grades and Attendance in MyBridge

Understanding Course-by-Course Articulation at BridgeValley



In order to fulfill our mission of supporting the instructional goals of BridgeValley, the Office of the Registrar will publish a newsletter periodically.  An archive of the newsletters will be maintained below:


Registrar Report
Volume 1, Issue 1 February 2015

Volume 1, Issue 2 April 2015

Volume 2, Issue 1 October 2015

Volume 2, Issue 2 March 2016

Volume 3, Issue 1 August 2016

Volume 4, Issue 1 August 2018


Student Services Newsletter
Issue 1 - March 2016

Issue 2 - April 2016

Issue 3 - September 2016

Issue 4 - October 2016

Issue 5 - November 2016

Issue 6 - August 2018


Other Resources

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FERPA, PII/PPI, and Privacy Awareness