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Welcome to Student Development

What is Student Development?

Student Development is housed in the Division of Student Services. It is comprised of a wide-ranging array of programs and services dedicated to assist with the success of BridgeValley Students.

Our services include:


  • BridgeValley has a full-time counselor serving both campuses.
    • Carla Blankenbuehler, Assistant Dean, 304.205.6706, room 032 Building 2000
    • Walk in or appointment services
    • Provide information and referral to services in the community
    • Counselors can assist students with day to day life situations


  • BridgeValley is in full compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and          
  • the American with Disabilities Act signed into law in 1990.
  • BridgeValley has a full time Accessibility Coordinator serving both campuses
  • Spencer Poling, Accessibility Coordinator, 304.205.6725, 032G Building 2000
  • Most common accommodations include
    • Extended test time
    • Note Takers
    • Recording of Class lectures
    • Priority Seating
    • Waiver of attendance policy
    • Test in private
    • Test reader/writer
    • Interpreter
    • Use of laptop
    • Temporary accommodations
    • Auxiliary Aids