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WIN Academy - Student Enrollment

Recruitment & Lottery

To recruit WIN Academy students, BVCTC will deploy a multitiered effort to reach potential students, parents and community members with information about the unique opportunities of the WIN Academy. Information will be disseminated electronically, through direct mail and face-to-face events.

Interested students will be able to inform BVCTC’s advisers directly by email, through an online form or in a face-to-face meeting. Information collected for potential enrollment will include such things as:

  • Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • Number of High School Credits Completed

Since there are only 60 spots available, it is highly likely that a lottery will have to take place. The WIN Academy will do its utmost to get the word out about the unique opportunities that the WIN Academy presents. Information on the WIN Academy will be disseminated electronically, through direct mail and with face-to-face events.

Potential high school juniors and seniors will follow this lottery system. Applicants will all go through an initial lottery for spots in the program. Students will be admitted or waitlisted after the lottery process.

Any high school senior who has the minimum number of 16 credits of high school coursework already completed will be allowed to apply through the lottery. For juniors, the minimum number of credits to apply is nine. The WIN Academy may hold more than one lottery to ensure that all 60 student slots are filled or may fill spots on a first-come, first-served basis if fewer than 60 students apply to the academy during the first lottery.

Accelerated Placement

While students who are over 16 years old with any level of preparation are welcome at the WIN Academy, the items below may help families ensure their students are prepared to undertake and succeed in BVCTC’s rigorous college coursework to study in nursing:

  • For juniors – at least 9 credits completed for enrollment in WIN (likely to be earned by the end of the sophomore year in high school)
  • For seniors – at least 16 credits completed before enrollment in WIN (likely to be earned by the end of the junior year in high school)
  • Minimum high school GPA of 3.25
  • Minimum composite score of 60.5 on the TEAS-VI
  • Strong interest in nursing as a career
  • Qualification to take English 101 as demonstrated through SAT scores, BVCTC’s Accuplacer exam or through prior dual credit earned in high school

Key Dates – Application & Enrollment Timeline

  • Application process begins in December 2023
  • Open house will be held November 29, January 10, and January 25
  • Students selected by March 4, 2024 (prior to the academic year)
  • Student orientation and placement testing in March 2024
  • Students must commit to the program by April 15, 2024
  • Optional summer WIN Academy classes will start in May 2024
  • Regular WIN Academy classes start August 21, 2024

Retaining Students

The academy will actively engage with WIN Academy juniors and prep students through instructional strategies, mentorships, activities, and case management to ensure students are making academic and developmental progress to enroll in the RN program fully.

An integral part of the purpose and mission of the WIN Academy is to retain students as they enter the last year of the program upon high school graduation. Attention to student performance through monitoring and faculty-student mentorships will play a significant role in ensuring students stay on track and enroll in the second year of the program.

Studies have shown that the greatest determining factor in student retention and success is a sense of connection with the school and its faculty. The WIN Academy’s cohort model of enrollment, similar to a learning community, will maximize these student-faculty connections.

BVCTC’s Retention Office will ensure that WIN Academy students know what resources and services are available to them to help make sure they are successful both in and out of the classroom. To ensure that every student takes full advantage of the educational opportunities, BVCTC has implemented an Early Alert retention program, coordinated by the Retention Office. Through the Early Alert system, the students are identified through referrals from faculty and staff to provide customized services for those students early in the semester.

The Student Services support personnel will contact student(s) to discuss issues that may require attention and resources to support them. We also assist students who are on academic suspension/probation with goal setting, time management skills and learning styles assessment so that students can achieve academic success in the future. In addition, students who have an academic standing of probation are required to attend a Mandatory Academic Success Workshop during the semester in which they are on probation.

How To Apply

Just click on the link below and follow the prompts to complete your application: