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Workforce Development Training Grants

Contract Training - tailored to meet the specific needs of your workforce! 

When you need training or training professionals, our industry-experienced professionals can design and deliver the training matched to your exact business requirements.  Additionally, we can assist you with funding to pay for customized contract training

Consistent with Senate Bills 653 and 703, the mission of West Virginia's Community and Technical Colleges is to serve as providers of workforce education and training.  To this objective, the grant programs listed below are a true linkage between workforce development, economic development, and the Community and Technical College System of West Virginia.

WV Advanced Technology Grants

Training delivered through WV Advance is to be market-driven and focused on providing employers with a highly trained workforce and complementing the economic development efforts of the state.  The intent is to provide training services to employers that have a positive economic outcome on West Virginia as determined by the West Virginia Development Office.  WV Advance funding supports a variety of projects, which could give your company a competitive advantage.

House Bill 3009 Grants

Under this competitive grant process, funds will be awarded to Community and Technical Colleges as defined in Chapter 18B of the WV Code.  It is the intent of the Legislature, through the granting of these funds, to provide limited seed money to increase capacity to deliver occupational programs to meet employer demands.  It is particularly important to mention that all criteria mentioned above directly ties to the economic development initiatives for the state of West Virginia.

House Bill 3009 "Learn and Earn" Program
"Learn and Earn" is an initiative which allows students to take courses in technical degree programs and be employed concurrently through a cooperative education (co-op) experience by a sponsoring company. When approved, the state of West Virginia will reimburse the employer 50% of the student’s salary. 

To begin a customized contract-training program, contact Heather Raines at BridgeValley at or call 304.205.6742.