Administration | BridgeValley




Listed below are administrative team members:

  • President: Eunice Bellinger
  • Vice President of Academic Affairs: Peter Soscia
  • Interim Vice President of Student Affairs & Registrar: Roy Simmons
  • Vice President of Community Education: Laura McCullough
  • Vice President of Workforce and Economic Development and ATC Operations: Jeff Wyco
  • Vice President of Operations: Jason Stark
  • Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs: Suzette Breeden
  • Chief Financial Officer: Cathy Aquino
  • Chief Human Resources Officer: Michelle Bissell
  • Dean of Professional Studies: Norman Mortensen
  • Dean of Business, Legal, Creative Entrepreneurship, and Technical Studies: Kelly Grose
  • Dean of General Education and Liberal Arts and Sciences: Kristi Ellenberg
  • Dean of Enrollment: Michelle Wicks
  • Dean of Students: James McDougle
  • Executive Director of Institutional Advancement: Alicia Syner