First Name Last Name Email address Title Room Number Office Phone
Robert Amos Robert.Amos Professor D 408 304.734.6693
Anthony Anderson Anthony.Anderson Assistant Professor/Program Coordinator- Diesel Technology DESL 304.734.6661
Pamela Sturm Anderson Pamela.Anderson Assistant Professor B2000 217E 304.205.6638
Lana Andrean Lana.Andrean Assistant Professor B2000 305C 304.205.6688
Cathy Aquino Cathy.Aquino Chief Financial Officer D 218; B2000 005B 304.734.6611
Jordan Atha Jordan.Atha Associate Registrar B2000 012 304.205.6704
Justa Atha Justa.Atha Cashier B2000 005I 304.205.6602
Rita Atha Rita.Atha Human Resources Representative D 209 304.734.6646
Nathaniel Ayre Nathaniel.Ayre Admission Counselor, Senior B2000 012F 304.205.6712
Ethan Bashark Ethan.Bashark Media Technician B2000 317 304.205.
Erika Beezel Erika.Beezel Educational Counselor B2000 111C 304.205.6631
Eunice Bellinger Eunice.Bellinger President B2000 303; PIC 304.205.6613
John Berry John.Berry VP, Student Affairs D 208 304.734.6608
Angie Bird Angela.Bird Assistant Professor B2000 204A 304.205.6675
Michelle Bissell Michelle.Bissell Chief Human Resources Officer B2000 306B 304.205.6640
Carla Blankenbuehler Carla.Blankenbuehler Director of Counseling B2000 032J 304.205.6706
Mary Blizzard Mary.Blizzard Financial Aid Director WVCTCS 304.205.6750
John Blount John.Blount Instructor/Program Coordinator EMS B2000 110A 304.205.6628
Trisha Boggs Trisha.Boggs Executive Secretary B2000 218A 304.205.6605
Brian Bolyard Brian.Bolyard Chief Marketing Officer B2000 309 304.205.6767
J-me Booth J-me.Booth Manager of Financial and Student Systems B2000 005C 304.205.6633
George Bossie George.Bossie Director of Physical Plant ATC 130 304.205.6615
Suzette Breeden Suzette.Breeden Professor/ Dean of Health B2000 111G; D 613C 304.734.6640
David Brick David.Brick Campus Police Officer B2000 009 304.205.6692
Emily Browning Emily.Browning Instructor B2000 318D 304.205.6777
Tammy Browning Tammy.Browning Instructor B2000 110C 304.205.6656
Alicia Bracken Campbell Alicia.Campbell Admissions Counselor, Senior D 103 304.734.6647
Andrea Carter Andrea.Carter OASIS Payroll Senior B2000 005D 304.205.6647
Amy Casto Amy.Casto Instructor B2000   
Beth Cercone Beth.Cercone Professor  D 610A 304.734.6641
Carol Coleman Carol.Coleman Executive Secretary D 411A 304.734.6708
Thomas Conner Thomas.Conner Outreach and Retention Specialist Annex 202 304.205.6738
Kay Cook Kay.Cook Academic Lab Manager 1 PIC Basement 304.734.6628
Betty Craze Betty.Craze Instructor/Department Chair - Health Services/Health Science Program Coordinator B2000 111B 304.205.6637
Judy Dingess Judy.Dingess Student Services Specialist B2000 032B 304.205.6711
Mike Ditchen Mike.Ditchen Professor/Program Coordinator- Digital Design PIC 100 304.734.6626
Tabitha Duff Tabitha.Duff Instructor B2000 132A 304.205.6778
Hannah Dyer Hannah.Dyer Records Assistant III D 206 304.734.6615
Bonnie Edwards Bonnie.Edwards Financial Aid Manager D 103 304.734.6648
Mandi Eich Mandi.Eich Instructor B2000  
Kelley Endicott Kelley.Endicott Project Coordinator - Highway Engineering Technology D 408 304.734.6790
Basra Fakhir Basra.Fakhir Police Chief B2000 011 304.205.6630
Abraham Falsafi Abraham.Falsafi Associate Professor D 315 304.734.6683
Beverly Farrow Beverly.Farrow Director of Student Success B2000 031 304.205.6670
James Fauver James.Fauver Chief Student Systems Officer and Institutional Research D 309 304.734.6614
Adam Ferrell Adam.Ferrell IT Manager D 214 304.734.6666
Andy Ferrell Andy.Ferrell Instructor D 411 304.734.6684
Debra Ferrell Debra.Ferrell Grants Accountant, Senior D 217 304.734.6613
Jeffrey Finch Jeffrey.Finch Assistant Professor B2000 204B 304.205.6641
Barry Fink Barry.Fink Assistant Professor/Program Coordinator - Highway Engineering Technology D 408 304.734.6791
Jane Fouty Jane.Fouty Executive Secretary B2000 204 304.205.6612
Melissa France Melissa.France Professor D 614 304.734.6650
Carl Fuller Carl.Fuller Campus Media/Customer Services Manager B2000 315 304.205.6618
Acquanetta Fyall Acquanetta.Fyall Executive Secretary B2000 012 304.205.6629
Jodi Giancola Jodi.Giancola Assistant Professor B2000 111C 304.205.6643
Desa Gobovic Desa.Gobovic Professor B2000 318E 304.205.6645
Laura Grimm Laura.Grimm Instructor B2000 132B 304.205.6658
Mark Grimmett Mark.Grimmett Instructor D B08; Annex 102 304.734.6665
Stacy Grimmett Stacy.Grimmett Visiting Instructor- Clinical Coordinator B2000  
Kelly Grose Kelly.Grose Professor/Department Chair - Administrative Professional & Legal Services D 511 304.734.6636
Richard Hall Richard.Hall Professor/Program Coordinator - Electrical Engineering Technology D 313 304.734.6682
Bob Hayton Bob.Hayton Associate Professor/Department Chair - Computer & BTG Information Technology Program Coordinator ATC 213 304.205.6749
Renee Herdman Renee.Herdman Financial Aid Counselor, Sr. B2000 012H 304.205.6703
Tom Hilgartner Tom.Hilgartner Associate Professor B2000 305B 304.205.6652
Crystal Hudnall Crystal.Hudnall Administrative Secretary Senior D 218 304.734.6677
Kimberly Huffman Kimberly.Huffman Assistant Professor B2000 131C 304.205.6653
Pam Hunley Pam.Hunley Executive Secretary B2000 111E 304.205.6678
George Hypes George.Hypes Director of Physical Plant D 215 304.734.6663
Thomas Isaacs Thomas.Isaacs Professor/ Program Coordinator - Mechanical Engineering Technology/ Advanced Manufacturing D 411A 304.734.6667
Ruth Jacobs Ruth.Jacobs Assistant Professor/Department Chair - Allied Health/MLT Program Coordinator B2000 131F 304.205.6654
Christina Johnson Christina.Johnson Assistant Professor/Department Chair - Collaborative Programs/ Lead Instructor of Science D 612 304.734.6645
Jodi Johnston Jodi.Johnston Financial Aid Manager B2000 012J 304.205.6702
Connie Keiffer Connie.Keiffer Student Services Specialist D 402; B2000 021 304.734.6618
Lori Beth Kellum Loribeth.Kellum CAMC Program Coordinator  B2000 110F 304.205.6639
Sarah Kelly Sarah.Kelly Instructor B2000 110G 304.205-6661
Carrie Kennedy Carrie.Kennedy Instructional Specialist- Math ATC 304.205.6735
Ed Kennedy Ed.Kennedy Maintenance Campus Service Worker, Lead D B11 304.734.6678
Machele Kindle Machele.Kindle Associate Professor D 611 304.734.6679
Annette Kirk Annette.Kirk Systems Programmer B2000 318D 304.205.6674
Krystle Kirk Krystle.Kirk Information Systems Technician D 304 304.734.6669
Michelle Klenk Michelle.Klenk Professor/ Department Chair - Dental Hygiene D 611 304.734.6653
Kim Knapp Kim.Knapp Associate Professor/Director of Grants and Contracts - WFD ATC 110B 304.734.6622
Bill Kroesser William.Kroesser Assistant Professor/Program Coordinator - Applied Process Technology ATC 121A 304.205.6744
Susan Kuhn Susan.Kuhn Finance Manager    
Liesa Kyer Liesa.Kyer Assistant Professor/Department Chair - Healthcare Management & Human Services B2000 204A 304.205.6651
Misi Lair Misi.Lair Veterans and Adult Population Advisor D 402; B2000 032F 304.734.6620
Laura Lambert Laura.Lambert Project Coordinator Sr, Workforce B2000 302 304.205.6650
Kelly Landers Kelly.Landers Accountant B2000 005F 304.205.6714
Heather Lauer Heather.Lauer Director of Library Services/Instructional Specialist B2000 119 304.205.6697
Jerrika Law Jerrika.Law Administrative Secretary Senior B2000 110D 304.205.6695
Kathy Leftwich Kathy.Leftwich Associate Professor D 510 304.734.6639
Ashley Lewis Ashley.Lewis Instructor/ Clinical Coordinator B2000 130A 304.205.6677
Bridgette Lewis Bridgette.Lewis Admissions/ Records Assistant III B2000 012 304.205.6700
Christie Linger-Hunt Christie.Linger Instructional Specialist, English ATC 304.205.6751
Pamela Lopez Pamela.Lopez Associate Professor/Department Co-Chair - General Studies D 610B 304.734.6642
Kimberly Lovinski Kimberly.Lovinski Associate Professor/Dean - General Education B2000 218C 304.205.6622
Kristin Mallory Kristin.Mallory Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs B2000 303; D 202 304.205.6614
Maggie McCabe Maggie.McCabe Instructor/Program Coordinator - Medical Coding B2000 204C 304.205.6632
Amanda McClellan Amanda.McClellan Assistant Professor D 304.734.6672
Brittany McClure Brittany.McClure Instructor B2000 110B  
Laura McCullough Laura.McCullough VP Community Education B2000 302 304.205.6611
Jennifer McVey Jennifer.McVey Financial Aid Counselor   B2000 012G 304.205.6707
Deborah McDaniel Deborah.McDaniel Professor B2000 207A 304.205.6608
James McDougle James.McDougle Dean of Students B2000 032D 304.205.6710
Carmelita McKemy Carmelita.McKemy Program Coordinator, Senior B2000 318B 304.205.6649
Karen McNeer Karen.McNeer Assistant Professor B2000 217A 304.205.6657
Jennifer McVey Jennifer.McVey Financial Aid Counselor   B2000 012  
Amanda Martin Amanda.Martin Instructor/Department Chair - Education Studies B2000 319A 304.205.6722
Armon Millner Armon.Millner Information Systems Technician B2000 317 304.205.6715
Tom Minnich Thomas.Minnich Professor  D 312 304.734.6699
Allen Montgomery Allen.Montgomery Assistant Professor B2000 204K 304.205.6659
Bertlela Montgomery Bertlela.Montgomery Associate Professor/Program Coordinator - General Studies- Orientation B2000 217C 304.205.6660
Betty Morgan Betty.Morgan Assistant Professor B2000 130B 304.205.6696
Norm Mortensen Norm.Mortensen Professor/Dean - Technology D 411B; Annex 200 304.734.6680
Lisa Moye Lisa.Moye Assistant Professor B2000 207 304.205.6644
Kathy Muscari Kathy.Muscari Instructional Specialist  B2000 111C 304.205.6692
Shahed Mustafa Shahed.Mustafa Associate Professor D 409 304.734.6671
Kurt Norris Kurt.Norris Instructional Specialist Annex 304.205.6676
Austin O'Connor Austin.O'Connor Assistant Professor/Department Chair - Business Studies B2000 204H 304.205.6663
Shellie Oden Shellie.Oden Program Assistant II D 103 304.734.6604
Kasandra Parrish Kasandra.Parrish Instructor/Instructional Specialist   304.734.6702
Mona Peaks Mona.Peaks Administrative Assistant, Senior B2000 306A 304.205.6716
Patricia Perdue Patricia.Perdue Assistant Professor/Program Coordinator - Gerontology B2000 111D 304.205.6664
Carol Perry Carol.Perry Assistant Professor/BTG Advanced Manufacturing Transformational Leader ATC 119A 304.205.6739
Andrea Petry Andrea.Petry Program Associate, Dental Hygiene D 604 304.734.6651
Debbie Pickett Debbie.Pickett Instructor B2000 131B 304.205.6693
Calisa Pierce Calisa.Pierce Assistant Professor/Department Chair - English and Developmental Education B2000 305D 304.205.6616
Charles Pomeroy Charles.Pomeroy Assistant Professor B2000 318A 304.205.6665
John Powell John.Powell Chief Procurement Officer B2000 005E 304.205.6607
Leanna Preston Leanna.Preston Associate Professor/Department Co-Chair - General Studies B2000 217F 304.205.6667
Natalie Price Natalie.Price Administrative Assistant Sr PIC 304.734.6607
Rebecca Prokity Rebecca.Prokity BTG Institution Transformational Leader ATC 218 304.205.6743
Heather Riser Heather.Riser Associate Professor D 613B 304.734.6643
Sherri Ritter Sherri.Ritter Assistant Professor B2000 308 304.205.6668
Kathleen Roach Kathleen.Roach Instructional Specialist    
Ronald Rogillio Ronald.Rogillio Associate Professor/Department Chair - Applied Technologies and BTG Advanced Manufacturing Program Coordinator ATC 122A 304.205.6620
Christine Roth Christine.Roth Assistant Professor B2000 305E 304.205.6671
Kristi Sarrett Kristi.Sarrett Instructor W 111 304.734.6670
Donald Schmidt Donald.Schmidt Assistant Professor ATC 123A 304.205.6673
Kim Shamblin Kim.Shamblin Instructor/Program Coordinator - Diagnostic Medical Sonography B2000 131E 304.205.6669
Roy W Simmons Roy.Simmons Registrar & Chief Records Officer B2000 012B2000 304.205.6708
Jack Skeens Jack.Skeens Professor B2000 204E 304.205.6675
Jeanne Smith Jeanne.Smith Director of Student Life D 413 304.734.6617
Tina Spaulding Tina.Spaulding Program Assistant II D 401 304.734.6621
Jason Spencer Jason.Spencer Instructor ATC 220 304.205.6634
Aaron St.Clair Aaron.StClair Instructional Specialist ATC 118A  
Jason Stark Jason.Stark Chief Operations/Information Officer B2000 316 304.205.6617
Sara Stinnett Sara.Stinnett Instructor B2000 318C 304.205.6698
Amanda Stottlemyer Amanda.Stottlemyer Assistant Professor D 615 304.734.6654
Linda Sutton Linda.Sutton Instructor D 408 304.767.4288
Alicia Syner Alicia.Syner Executive Assistant to the President B2000 303C 304.205.6746
Lori Tate Lori.Tate Assistant Professor B2000 204F 304.205.6679
Harry Teare JHarry.Teare Police Officer B2000 304.205.6630
Melissa Thompson Melissa.Thompson Associate Professor/Outreach Coordinator ATC 224 304.734.6691
Krista Thornton Krista.Thornton Workforce Operations Coordinator ATC 102 304.205.6745
Beth Timmons Beth.Timmons Associate Professor B2000 217D 304.205.6680
Josh Tolliver Josh.Tolliver Trades Specialist B2000 117 304.205.6686
Alicia Trimble Alicia.Trimble Department Chair of Collaborative Programs and the Nuclear Medicine Program Director B2000 131C 304.205.6681
Tim Turley Tim.Turley Instructor Annex 102 304.205.6776
Joan Viksjo Joan.Viksjo Student Services Specialist D 402 304.734.6720
James Villarreal James.Villarreal Instructional Specialist - Lab Manager ATC 106 304.205.6760
Brandon Walker Brandon.Walker Assistant Professor/Program Coordinator - Computer Science Technology & Computer Management Information Systems ATC 219 304.205.6682
Melanie Walters Melanie.Walters Associate Professor B2000 217A 304.205.6683
Judith Whipkey Judith.Whipkey Professor/Department Chair - BOG Program Coordinator B2000 204G 304.205.6685
Rhonda White Rhonda.White Associate Professor/Clinical Coordinator B2000 132C 304.205.6687
Michelle Wicks Michelle.Wicks Associate Dean of Enrollment B2000 012N 304.205.6705
Heather Williamson Heather.Williamson Administrative Secretary Sr ATC 304.205.6741
Kent Wilson Kent.Wilson Professor/Department Chair - Nursing B2000 110H 304.205.6689
Jeff Wyco Jeff.Wyco Senior VP of Workforce and Economic Development ATC 101 304.205.6691