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Allied Health Resources

  • Mayo Clinic: General health and healthy living materials, news, videos, recipes, pod-casts, blogs, etc. covering diseases, symptoms, drugs & supplements, tests & procedures, first-aid.
  • Cleveland Clinic: A patient education and health information site which includes pod-casts, web-casts, transcripts of web chats with physicians, symptom checker, and many more interactive tools for patients and students alike to stay up to date with the latest health news.
  • Contains a compilations of carefully selected information from various health organizations.  Some services include the Drug Interaction Checker, Online Checkups and newsletters.
  • Medline Plus: Includes an illustrated medical dictionary, the latest health news, directories (doctors, dentists, hospitals, clinics, etc.), and interactive health tutorials.  The GoLocal option allows users to search for resources by state.
  • Drug Information Portal: Provides selected drug information and is tailored to health professionals.
  • BioMed Central: Free, peer-reviewed research articles and journals.  This site includes tabbed links to Chemistry Central, an accompanying open access site that you may find helpful.