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BridgeValley welcomes students from all walks of life and assists them in achieving their educational goals.  At BridgeValley, we understand that there is a scholar in all of us, and we are here to help each of our students nourish that part of themselves.  BridgeValley meets the higher education, workforce development, and training needs for industries ranging from healthcare to manufacturing.  No matter where your path has led you before, BridgeValley is here to help you determine your path going forward.

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Our Mission, Vision and Values

BridgeValley Community and Technical College promotes student success, prepares a skilled workforce, and builds tomorrow’s leaders by providing access to quality education.

BridgeValley Community and Technical College will be the college of opportunity for a diverse learner population, offering leading-edge technology, innovative ideas, and dynamic service to our students and our communities.

Faculty, staff, and administrators share a common set of values that guides the College in fulfilling its mission. These values influence our actions, guide our decisions, mold our policies, and determine our strategic planning.

  1. Excellence in Education. We are dedicated to excellence in education and will develop and retain innovative and supportive faculty and staff; maintain facilities equipped with current technology; and deliver a variety of impactful academic and occupational programs based on tolerance of diverse cultural backgrounds and appreciation of divergent points of view.
  2. Foster and Promote Achievement and Accessibility.  We are committed to providing the skills and resources students need to achieve their educational, career and/or personal goals, and we are committed to open access and affordability of higher education for all of our students.
  3. Respect for Diversity.  We are dedicated to fostering a learning community in which all individuals are valued and supported; promoting a culture of respect that honors the dignity of every individual; and allowing zero tolerance for disrespect.  We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn and succeed in the classroom, in the workplace, and in the community.
  4. Practice Accountability.  We are committed to efficient and effective management of human and financial resources that will maintain public trust through professional integrity and fiscal responsibility. 
  5. Quality of Work and Learning Environment.  As a college fostering and promoting the dignity of each person, BridgeValley strives to provide an environment that is free of harassment. We make a commitment to treat all members of our communities with mutual respect and nurture relationships within the college and community that allow us to grow our knowledge, aid personal progress, expand our reach, and strengthen our impact on those we serve. We believe that our community members are accountable for their actions and should be held to high standards.
  6. Contribution to Community and Economic Development.  We are committed to serving the academic, occupational, and enrichment needs of our communities; enhancing quality of life; and supporting economic development through effective business, government, community, and industry partnerships and collaborations.
  7. Commitment to Supporting Our Local Communities.  We strive to be a positive and transformative force in the places we call home by providing resources and programs that enable our neighbors to rejuvenate and reimagine our neighborhoods, interact with and understand our natural and built environments, and participate in and develop our local economy.  Championing the arts, cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit, and collaborating with the new and existing industries, the college will be the primary convener and facilitator necessary to support a creative and enduring community.

To support its Mission, Vision, and Values, BridgeValley’s Strategic Plan is guided by three primary goals.
Goal 1: Student Success: Prepare students to be successful by providing them with the education and experiences that will help them enter employment in a high-wage, high-skill occupation and by preparing them for life-long learning.
Goal 2: Institutional Success & Sustainability: Focus on sustainable growth and responsible use of college resources to best support students and our community.
Goal 3: Industry & Community Success: Maintain awareness of industry and community needs and focus resources and programs that best align to the needs of our community.


Please click here to view the Strategic Plan.


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BridgeValley is constantly moving and evolving.  We understand that college is more than just coursework, and we pride ourselves on active student engagement and an ambitious future.  To stay up to date, check out the events, announcements, and more at the link below.

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Job Opportunites

At BridgeValley, our employees are a team.  We work hard to create a welcoming, productive environment.  Whether you are a student looking to build experience or someone ready to lead the next generation of students, we offer a myriad of job opportunities in different fields.  Check out the link below to see some of the opportunities we have available right now.

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Our Team


Behind every great college is a wonderful administration team.  BridgeValley’s administration works tirelessly to ensure the smooth flow of the college.  For a glance at our administrative leaders and the roles they play at the college, please click on the link below.

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