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No stacks.  No magazines shelves.  No newspaper tables.  This is not your traditional library.



Welcome to your Digital Library!

Our library is virtual, and we have the same quality and quantity of information as any other library (it's just all online)!  This library can be accessed from anything with an internet connection and it never closes.  There are no due dates to remember or late fees to pay.  We have thousands of journals and books all available at the tips of your fingers.

Don't know what to do?  Have a question but not on campus?  No problem!

Any person(s) wishing to have a private instructional session are welcome to either schedule an appointment with the librarian or walk in and ask for assistance.  

Those wishing to schedule an appointment should email the librarian with the following information:

  • Name and contact information
  • Nature of the request (ex. general database help, specific research topic help, etc.)
  • Availability

Contacting a Reference Librarian: 

A librarian will respond within 24 hours (during the week).  Those who wish to meet on a Monday morning should send their requests no later than 12PM Friday.