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BridgeValley CTC and Blackhawk Mining Partner to Empower Students through Blackhawk Co-op Program

SOUTH CHARLESTON, W. Va. – BridgeValley Community and Technical College (CTC) is thrilled to announce its partnership with Blackhawk Mining, LLC, through the Blackhawk Co-op program. This initiative will provide invaluable support to BridgeValley students enrolled in diesel, electrical, and welding programs, offering both educational assistance and practical work experience.


As part of the Blackhawk Co-op program, 10 students from BridgeValley CTC will receive $5,000 each in educational expenses, alleviating financial barriers to education and training. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to work at Blackhawk Mining, gaining hands-on experience in their chosen fields while pursuing their studies. The program's unique schedule allows students to work three days a week and attend classes two days a week, ensuring a balanced approach to learning and skill development.


Blackhawk Mining COO, Charlie Bearse said, "We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with BridgeValley's Electrical Engineering Technology (EET), Welding, and Diesel programs through the Blackhawk Co-op program. In West Virginia, there is a heavy demand for jobs in these disciplines, and this partnership will provide tuition assistance, on the job training, and career opportunities to area students. We think it will be mutually beneficial and supportive of our mission to innovate and excel in the mining industry.”


Casey Sacks, President of BridgeValley CTC, emphasized the significance of employer partnerships in supporting student success. "Employer partnerships are integral to the success of our students and the college as a whole. The collaboration with Blackhawk Mining not only provides financial assistance but also valuable real-world experience, preparing our students for fulfilling careers in high-demand industries with high-paying positions available."


The Blackhawk Co-op program aligns with BridgeValley CTC's mission to provide accessible, high-quality education that meets the needs of both students and employers. By partnering with industry leaders like Blackhawk Mining, the college aims to bridge the gap between education and workforce demands, ultimately empowering students to excel in their careers.


“BridgeValley CTC looks forward to the opportunities the Blackhawk Co-op program will provide for our students, and we are grateful to Blackhawk Mining for their commitment to supporting our students, education and workforce development in West Virginia,” said Sacks.